Taurus Horoscope for October 2018

October 2018 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for October 2018

Monthly October 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

The situation around certain spheres of life will develop in an unusual way for Taurus representatives, who will be supported by their traditional patrons, the Moon and Venus. In October 2018 you definitely should not rush to conclusions, despite the fact that your energy will literally be overflowing. Now, it is important to direct your efforts to solve problems that are already taking place. That means that it will be much more important to be checking your back rather than looking directly toward the future. This is a quite logical thing to be happening at this stage, because the second fall month will be laying the foundation for some new beginnings. You personally will need something more, rather than just having a plain desire for it. Do not disregard advice from the outside: an objective view of your situation will come in handy. Do not pull the blanket over yourself; let the others reap some benefits too. Share your achievements, but try to occupy leading positions because otherwise you might end up with some unpleasant outcomes. Much now depends on how competently and fairly you acted earlier. However, if you already clearly understand what and where you went wrong, do not wait for the consequences, attack the coming problem yourself, and keep on acting until the situation stabilizes. It does not require much effort, except for some possible emotional tension, and you can easily defeat this tension, for example, by meditating.

In terms of the working sphere, the actual features of the period are going to look like this: Tauruses who have their own business can significantly increase their income in October 2018. How can they do it? In the easiest way possible: through hard work and prompt resolution of any negative situations caused by your past actions. Do not get hung up on these problems, just try to solve them without excessive and wasteful actions. Your colleagues will be on your side, so they should also be available to help if the opportunity to arises. It is unlikely that your enemies will be especially strong at this stage; nevertheless, you should try to suppress any external negativity right away, otherwise some harmful outcome is still possible. For the Taurus who is working for the benefit of some big company and not for the benefit of developing their own projects, it makes sense to increase your working pace. This is a good time for reaching an agreement over something with your management or for seeking additional bonuses in exchange for taking on difficult projects. Do not hesitate to combine the opportunities; for you this period will be flexible, although it is fair to say that now it is better not to make large investments. There is a real probability that making them can haunt you. Being attentive here does not help; you should not ask for trouble.

Dwelling on personal matters in more detail, it is fair to note that single Taurus members can receive a lot of "bonuses" if they act to the very limits of altruism and selflessness in October 2018. It won't be difficult to find that sweet spot; you just need to strategically handle yourself so that your actual achievements won't be meaningful for just yourself. As a result, you can enjoy life all month long without any drama or covert intentions. On the other hand, you can get bored of this, because Taurus representatives don't appreciate long-term stability. That is why you should not hurry to establish new serious relationships; a lot of new acquaintances are still waiting for you. If we are talking about Tauruses with families, in October 2018 they should act in a little more confident and assertive way than usual. Defend your interests within the family; let the household disagree with you. Their disagreement will not mean that you are not right. In any case, it is necessary to reach a compromise. This is not the ideal or most promising month for family vacations. But, if you decide to find a new hobby for yourself then you will succeed at learning it. It's also a good time to move ahead and organize large family holidays. The main thing is not to shift your responsibilities to others; the more effort you invest in doing something, the more successfully the circumstances will develop for you personally.

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