2018 Love Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2018 Love Horoscope Pisces

Pisces Love Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

Pisces need to feel comfortable before going on a date. You want to find someone who is easy to be with and not high maintenance as this will put you off immediately. Go out to lunches and dinners and avoid the movies as they will color your perspective of your date. Spend time together with home cooked meals and informal situations.

From May 20th Venus will bring her attractive energy to you until June 14th and this is the time you may meet a new love or rekindle an old one. Choose good looking people and be properly dressed so you can meet dates with confidence. This is the time to believe in love for Pisces. Open your heart and let the love in.

From June 21st your love life will heat up and this is a good time to go out with a special someone. Get introductions at this time as the quality of your prospects will be far better than normal.

For you the Moon rules romance and the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 13th brings a fresh start or it could be a new beau. Even if you are committed to someone else this planetary energy will provide the chance of a brief encounter and this person may or may not be what you are looking for. Affairs started now will peak in two week's time and then probably fizzle out if it is inappropriate for this love to be.

Love fluctuates for Pisces as the Moon waxes and wanes. When it is growing in light, from every New Moon to the Full Moon for a two-week period, you are happy in love. The two weeks following a Full Moon bring less satisfaction and sometimes frustration or sadness about your love life. It is at this time that you look back to past loves or the one that got away.

Committed Relationships

Pisces will try hard to make a marriage work. You are often content with the simple things in life with a partner who loves you and perhaps has a dog. You will be happiest in a relationship with someone who is an everyday regular guy. Your choice for the perfect life-mate will bring unity to your days and you will feel whole in their presence. If there is any doubt, then pause and reconsider.

The Sun energizes your partnership sector from August 24th for four weeks and now you will turn your focus to marriage. Your better half will be uppermost in your mind and you will try your best to accommodate them. If you are single there will be potential for a wedding this month as the Sunbeams over your partnerships. If you are married your union will benefit from the warmth and the sunshine. If you are not interested in tying the knot, then the strong energy can be ploughed back into your primary relationship. This will be a good month to spend time with the love of your life.

The beautiful planet Venus, which rules relationships in general, will bring fortunate times from July 11th to July 25th and will be excellent. Then there is a shift and from July 26th to August 7th when your relationship planet is weaker the partnerships may become tense. It will pass but can be considered as not your finest hour in your partnership for the year. Always allow more time to pass before striking out either at your partner or on you own even if the desire to do so is strong. Know that energy comes in cycles and this is just a dip for a while and things will eventually improve.

The New Moon in Virgo on September 9th offers a fresh start for something wonderful to happen in any committed partnership or marriage. Give each other the respect and time they deserve and make a special place to be with your spouse.

From September 7th to the 23rd will be the best time this year for you to discuss your relationship and make plans for the future. You are amenable to your partner's thoughts and wishes and will try your best to incorporate their ideas into your relationship. This may mean changes have to be made but they will be clearly stated so there is no confusion. It could be that you decide to label this relationship as special in some or that you go public as a couple. Do not be surprised if you find yourself reciting poetry or writing soppy song lyrics to express the meaning of this relationship.

Words may be spoken as Mercury rules your marriage sector. This means that you can be harsh and assume you can say anything. But verbal confrontations can hurt. This planet brings the flavor of Virgo to your marriage and this means you will do many little things to build a strong whole. By the same token care has to be taken not to nibble away at your partner and eventually wear them down.

Lost Love

There may be love life difficulties for Pisces each month in the week before the New Moon as the fluctuating waxing and waning because Moon rules your romance zone. This implies that your tender love will also go through phases. Take care of each other and your lover during these few days just before the New Moon every month. These can be the down cycles for Pisces in your romances. Avoid going on blind dates than as you will not see the true picture and may be hoodwinked by prospective lovers.

Take care over the three Mercury retrograde periods from March 23rd to April 15th, between July 26th to August 19th and the period from November 17th to December 6th as this planet has much to say for Pisces about the state of any committed relationship and your marriage. Always use words carefully to express your love. Be in touch with your partner several times each day. Write notes and special verses. This is how you can reinforce the partnership you have.

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Mary 2017-07-01 11:25:21
Sounds like in 2018 i am going to meet my spesiall soulmate. I am really tired of being alone! Only dorks coming my way 🙂 hope this will change! Hooray Pisces!

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