2018 Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2018 Horoscope Pisces

Astrology forecast for 2018, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. 2018 Horoscope for people born under the Pisces Zodiac sign.

In early 2018, there will be some financial upheavals but your money will settle down after Uranus moves on into Taurus on May 15th. The focus will then be on getting information and tapping into your community to provide you the necessary clues for your life. The Internet will become a bigger driver for you to meet people in your local area and share information and go where they know your name.

Your ruling planet Neptune continues to be placed in your personal zone bringing you closer to the meaning of Pisces and all it entails. The sympathy, empathy, and care you have for your fellow humans will be your strength this year. Being psychic or having flashes of inspiration will be the norm. If you are a poet, artist, writer or musician you can continue to develop your personal brand and make yourself known.

The big planet Saturn enters your friendship sector and lets you find solid friendships and community now. Although Pluto has been in residence for many years your social life will be curtailed somewhat and those you feel are not really friends, you are likely to completely cut out and sever the wound as they go. If your friends and not worthy you will dispose of them this year.

Your traditional ruling planet is Jupiter and this year the expansion is closely related to a career move that can change your life. There will be opportunity to make you mark on the world. When you start a new business, this year think global and raise you eyes to the horizon. Do not limit yourself but build in portability to any enterprise you launch later this year in December.

Your feeling of not being quite good enough will lift as Chiron moves from your personal life sector to spend time in your money area as Chiron enters Aries on April 24th. This shift will make you more careful with spending and there could be increased giving to charity or causes that interest you of both your time and money. You now see the value in altruism.

On February 19th, the Sun enters your sign and brings life giving light and love. You can now stand in your truth and be yourself. It will be reinforced when the solar globe stimulates Neptune around the 4th and 5th of March. People born on these two dates in any year will receive a boost of pure Pisces energy enough to sustain you for another year. Pisces can get a bad press from the other bossy and pushy signs and this year you can embrace the double fish symbol for yourself.

On March 21st, your finances will be in the spotlight. This can be a confusing time for Pisces and you will do better with some help. Get real about your spending and appreciate what your have. You don't have to buy everything you see. Saving money is not a sin.

The Sun brings a warm feeling to your home life. Take the time to enjoy your family after May 22nd. Build bonds with your family members by sharing meals, memories and good times together.

From May 25th to June 13th, you will be attracted to religious exploration and appreciation of arts and culture as your two planets Jupiter and Neptune connect in the best way. You could become more aware of tolerance for diversity, metaphysical systems, and esoteric practices.

As we move just past the middle of the year and after June 21st, gear up for some fun times. You will be in a party mood and looking for good events. Organize outings and music concerts.

After June 23rd, your life will again slow down as the daily grind once more takes over. Make sure you are in the right job and if not you can benefit from brushing up your resume or CV and schedule interviews this month.

From August 11th to August 25th, it is time to get in touch with your creative side. Allow new impressions to color your life and be open and aware of others and their dreams. Give yourself time to fantasize and you never know where the trail will lead. Every journey starts with the first step and this a good time to begin yours.

In the four weeks after August 24th, highlight your romance and love life. This is an excellent period to find a relationship that touches your soul. Faint heart never won fair maiden and you need to get your interest known. If you have someone in mind then speak up this month as the planets support your relationships now.

After the equinox on September 23rd, you will be viewed favorably for a loan or a mortgage. The other reality may be that you become a lender yourself or you are asked to stand surety for someone. Be wary of these requests.

Plan a break or a little holiday for after October 23rd, and choose a retreat where you can learn something whilst being away from home. Not every escape has to be in a nightclub, and you will enjoy a back to nature place with perhaps a morning of art or music thrown in.

From late November, the focus is on your reputation and how others see you. If you have crafted a beautiful public persona or worked hard to promote yourself in a positive way, this will become public knowledge now. Your bosses will recognize your efforts and the responsibilities you have taken on to further your career. If self-employed, this is the time to go public.

Take a break from business in the last week of the year. Make time for friends. Spend your time appreciating those who have stood by you this year and give thanks to them. Little gifts from the heart or a delicate candle will be well received.

As a Pisces, you have to try hard to not be pushed around by others. It takes time to understand how you really feel or what essentially matters to you yourself. If you find you are being swayed by persuasive people stop and take a moment to think about what you are doing.

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