Leo Horoscope for September 2018

September 2018 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for September 2018

Monthly September 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

Ceres and Pluto will help the sign of Leo in addition to the main heavenly patron of this sign, the Sun, while Uranus and Neptune will oppose it in September 2018. As a result, the powers of many objects will simply neutralize each other, but some positive effects will still get through. It is very important to stay away from giving in to momentary impulses at the beginning of the fall. You must abandon your dictatorial habits, as even the slightest taint of selfishness can easily set you back. Your personal merits and achievements have absolutely no value at this stage; the stars will persistently push you towards being just another member of the team. The strategy really should be to place extra emphasis on cooperation. If everything works out, the circumstances themselves will help you to stabilize the whole situation - they will also outline the direction of your development. In general, the period is not particularly dynamic, and there is nothing peculiar about it either. A lot of things will be familiar to you, the majority of dilemmas will be already solved, so you know exactly what you need to do. On the other hand, it is necessary to listen to the advice of others, even if you do not want to do it. You should be attentive to those who sincerely want to help you, so do not neglect their insights. September 2018 will also be good for single Leos because your sign can count on interesting new acquaintances. It's highly probable that these acquaintances will turn into far-reaching relationships, although you are the one to decide how far-reaching they will ultimately be.

However, not everything will be in the hands of Leos during September 2018. You will have to face a lot of trade-offs, because there is not enough time for everything. You should immediately decide on what is most important for you, because it won't be possible to change plans when everything starts rolling. Do not play by rules that are imposed on you by someone else. Not everything will go according to plan, but it is better to deal with your own mistakes rather than someone else's. The first fall month will be successful in relation to projects that had been already implemented by Leos who work for themselves. Many events can get twisted in unexpected ways, but these will be pleasant surprises. And, the same advice one more time again: do not try to solve everything alone, for this is not the best time to do it. You still can do the whole job alone, you are quite capable of it, but it is not worth it. Doing it alone, you will spend too many of your resources, and satisfaction gained from the work done will be minimal. Therefore, it is better to unite with both your old and new allies, because now conservatism is not the most successful trend. As for "dependent" Leos, they definitely need to change something about their surroundings. It is not necessary to rush attempting to find a new job, especially if you are quite happy with everything at your current job. Look for the problem somewhere else. If you are just stagnating, you need new motivation, and if you do not find it, your future prospects may not look so bright.

Love life will be successful for the majority of the signs in terms of strengthening old relationships and forming new ones in September 2018, but this period will be especially bright and most significant for Leos. This statement mostly refers to single Leos. Do not neglect the advice of your friends; say "yes" to their suggestions as often as possible. Do not isolate yourself too much - leave your home with and without reasons. The stars recommend enjoying what is happening around you. You can even get involved in some insanely fun adventures; the main thing is that you should experience those adventures together with your friends. And, when you meet someone who literally turns your view of the world on its head, you will certainly understand how to proceed, even if your emotional state is destabilized by the intense events taking place. Leos with families can count on changing the heading of their relationship. The initiative will not come from you, and it is up to you to decide whether to support it or not. Stars recommend experimenting more, taking into account that you can retreat back to your old position without much being lost. Do not allow yourself too much intensity, and hold back especially strong emotions, because when showing those emotions you can show yourself in some unflattering ways. Of course, this remark does not apply to situations where you are in your circle of friends, where you can let it all go!

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