Aries Horoscope for August 2019

August 2019 Horoscope Aries

Monthly Horoscope for Aries for August 2019

Monthly August 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aries

Aries, you will find that August 2019 is a month of both highs and lows for you, emphasis on highs for most of it with the lows only seeming worse by comparison of the good days. The first part of August will find you elated by adventure and excitement, as you are a Fire sign much like Leo, who rules over this part of August. Although you are also Fire, you're a different sort of Fire sign, so this time period will inspire you to do things that you're normally hesitant to do. You have a lot of confidence, but there are things that frighten you, especially related to making mistakes or being seen as a fool. Leo season is a great time for you, Aries, to face these fears and conquer them.
As August continues, and it becomes Virgo season, you will feel more focused on the things around you immediately, things you've probably neglected for the last few weeks. There will be a lot of chores and errands to catch up on, and it's a good idea to make them fun for yourself, because even though it will no longer be a Fire season, you are still a Fire sign, and you need some loud music or self-created rewards to get the more mundane things completed.

If your profession is more sedentary, it's likely you will be volunteering to do more active things during the start of August. You will feel itchy to get moving, and it would be a good time to do anything that requires traveling, near or far and anything that requires you to use different skills than you do every day. The mundane will feel especially aggravating it is best to keep things new and fresh as possible.
As August continues, your attitude will shift and you are more likely to be excited by the little things. There will likely be smaller organizational things to accomplish, especially as you will have been doing the bigger picture things for the first half of the month and find that there is a lot of paperwork and documentation to be done as a direct result. Luckily, you'll be in the mood to do these things, and with gusto. It's important to pay attention to everything and not just the start, though, as it's tempting to get lazy when things get repetitive.

Your social life will be very active in the start of August, and you will find it likely that your friends will be after you for adventure instead of the other way around. You will probably lead some pretty exciting outings, as well as go along with some others. There will be some tension with some friends, as your opinions will become louder and you will feel more prone to voice when you are opposed to something. Don't take anything too personally, and don't be too surprised if others take things you say personally.
As August continues, your adventures with friends will become more home-based. It is more likely that instead of going out on little road trips, you will be more inclined to watch movies and play board games. You will probably see a change of who reaches out to you now, instead of people looking for adventure, it will probably be people looking to discuss interests and have some good quality company.

Your inner self will be restless and easily distracted at the start of August. You are likely to find ways to avoid thinking too hard about mistakes you've made or flaws that come up while you're out in the world. It's likely to be a good time to work on those things, albeit when you feel ready, as you will have the drive and the introspection to do so. It's an intimidating prospect, especially as there will be ample distractions to keep you from it. They are likely to become more pronounced later if not dealt with now, so it's best to just take care of it now.
As August continues, you will be more content to sit still and work on projects around the house. There will be a quiet down of worries about your problems, though you will still be able to work things out that you've gotten a good start on. It's a good time to problem solve and change the shape of your life. There will be some rearranging of ideas and perspectives as the month ends, and it's important to take strides to do so.
Overall, August will be an important time for you, as you learn fast and hard lessons in the Fire season and learn how to grow in the Earth season, you will feel like things have come full circle at the end of August, Aries. You will be grateful for all that has occurred and learn a lot about yourself and those around you.

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