Libra Horoscope for August 2019

August 2019 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for August 2019

Monthly August 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

Libra, August 2019 will find you seeking some solace in the chaos that will be around you and finding yourself pushed in a direction you never expected. The start of August is likely to be very busy and tiring for you. You're likely to find yourself on adventures that you never expected to occur. It's likely you will be feeling like you're being banged around a bit by the energy around you and the aggressively positive attitude of most of the other people in your vicinity.
As August keeps going, Libra, you will find things around you calm down and you will be able to focus better on projects you've been meaning to work on. There will still be some intense social situations, as everyone seems to get more serious around you than you're comfortable with, but in general, you'll feel a great relief in the air.
Work during the first part of August will be stressful as you will feel pulled to be both social with your colleagues and also feel pressure to get work completed. There is a chance that it will be difficult to keep both aspects satisfied at once. Finding a good rhythm will be a challenge, especially as you will be compelled by different influences; wanting to be liked and wanting to be successful. However, it is possible to be both productive and social if you prioritize correctly. You might find work to be irritating while you're resisting the urge to socialize, so just ignoring the urge to be social isn't a good idea. There is likely to be ramifications if you ignore work, as well. In a true representation of your sign, the Scales, you will have to find balance.

As August continues, your focus will shift and you will feel very compelled to work and less compelled to be social. You'll find that you get more done and that your work is of higher quality than usual. It's likely you will have a lot of work ahead of you, but you will be able to meet it head on. You will also be pleasantly surprised as your colleagues will be working hard as well and make the general load a lot easier. You are likely to take a lot more joy out of smaller and more detailed tasks.
Socially, during the first part of August, you will likely be invited out often and will likely have trouble saying no, especially as a lot of it will sound very fun. Choose your events wisely, and don't be afraid to stay in when you really don't feel like going. You won't have a good time if you aren't feeling it, so keep that in mind. And just suffering through won't be doing your friends any favors.

Your friends themselves will seem more exuberant than usual. Drama might be a bit more prevalent at this time. You may have to mediate a few squabbles, but probably nothing too intense. You're likely to find the constant low-level drama around this to be exciting and you will hear a lot of second hand stories that you are likely to find fascinating, as you prefer to stay just outside of the drama zone, but still getting to find out what happens. Your advice for friends during this time might be a little off as you're likely to be projecting your own fears and worries onto them. If you need advice, listen to yourself, as you're likely going to be saying exactly what you need to hear.
As August continues, you will find that instead of parties and bars, the gatherings you are invited to will be more likely to be group projects and art swaps, even potlucks; things that require you to provide things to participate. You will enjoy these events immensely and find that the invites are farther apart to give you time to recuperate in between. You will also enjoy bringing things with you to these events, so even if it's not a traditional contribution, you should try to bring something with you. There is likely to be good, albeit more intense, conversations with your friends at this time. You will greatly enjoy the new connections that you make at these events and the old connections that will deepen.

Your inner self will feel a bit off and overwhelmed easily during the first part of August. It will be important not to get too wrapped up in the happenings around you and lose sight of your own needs. You will feel easily distracted and a little all over the place. It's likely your immediate environment will suffer and you might have a bit of a mess on your hands. It's likely you will have trouble correcting this right away and it will add to your stress. Just picking up a little bit will probably make you feel better, Libra, even if it feels like it takes a lot more effort than usual.
As August continues, you are likely to find projects that will help you find your inner balance. Outside influences will be very important at this time, such as spending time in places that make you feel tranquil and spending time with people that are quiet and evenly tempered. You could also turn your hand to some writing or art to help get out any excess feelings of stress that you may have.
Overall, August will be a largely intense month for you, Libra, like a mountain to climb, and luckily it'll have a nice slope to go down before the month is over. You will likely feel like it's quite a journey over just a month, and it's a good idea to give yourself space to process everything that happens.

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