Virgo Horoscope for January 2019

January 2019 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for January 2019

Monthly January 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

January 2019 for those of the Zodiac sign Virgo can be described as the time for the recovery of vitality. Of course, such a situation must be used for your own benefit, especially since the harmonious influence of the planets prophesies a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately, Mercury, which is acting as the ruler and activator of the Zodiacal sign Virgo, will take a cardinal position with respect to the Sun, which dominates on the celestial plane in the current cycle. This means that you should not expect any help from the outside, although this is most likely not needed by Virgos as everything will be quite successful. It is recommended to act aggressively, but carefully, avoiding unnecessary risk. The main thing now is to make your efforts in a timely manner, without wasting resources. It’s okay if it seems to you that you have plenty of success and you can relax a little, but keep this in mind: the more you invest in your current projects and the less energy your waste, the more successful your 2019 will be. In this sense, January will become a foundation from which to build on.

The first third of January 2019 will not bring Virgos much news or many events. The life changes that do occur will mostly concern Virgo’s yourselves. Some will realize that they are not doing what they really want to and what is worth doing; Some will make an important decision regarding the sphere of personal life; some will plunge into introspection. The third option is the least promising, as this month is not very well suited for detailed planning or reflection. You should act, otherwise, because of the unfavorable location of Mercury, a short pause can quickly turn into stagnation on all fronts. At the same time, in early January, it is better to focus on personal life; something important can happen here in the near future.

The second third of January 2019 for the Zodiac sign Virgo will be a more dynamic and eventful period in comparison with the beginning of the month. Here you may gradually switch your attention to your professional life, and you should not be afraid of major changes. You will rest later. In this period it is important to take a moment when intuition causes you to think twice, so if you are sent on a business trip to which you do not want to go at all, then it is better to act on this then go anyway. This may be your chance to drastically change something. During this period, you can take a bit of risk, but make sure your actions are always supported by an exact calculation. It is recommended to behave carefully with new acquaintances, but not to be closed off to forming relationships, no matter what the situation—a significant aspect of mid-January is your ability to connect with people and benefit from networking.

The final third of January 2019 will probably be the most critical stage for Virgos in the first month of the year. At this time, important events may occur, which ones the stars do not specify, but you need to be ready for anything. Virgos now have to proceed actively both at work and within their personal life. You should not fear seemingly negative changes, but rather view them as potential good opportunities. Therefore, it makes sense not to relax, or curl up under a blanket with a cup of coffee in hand. At literally any time a phone call may come, and circumstances will require a quick answer from you. This is an active period and reaction time comes to the fore here. At work, you should not avoid change, and those who have their own business should not stop at what has been achieved previously but instead set the bar as high as possible. By the end of the month, the situation may be evolving ambiguously, but by the beginning of the next stage, everything will even out. Any instability will be short-lived, and the main thing is not to let go of the handles, especially since it will not be difficult for Virgos to drive.

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