Virgo Horoscope for May 2019

May 2019 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for May 2019

Monthly May 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

May 2019 will be great for expanding Virgos' horizons. Active Virgos will be able to achieve their goals. This month, Mercury, the activator and ruler of your sign, will be on your side. The successful location of this planet will be complemented by the favorable position of Venus, which will enter into coherence with Mercury and strengthen the solar energy. Because of this, you will have enough strength to solve all urgent tasks; moreover, you will see new opportunities and be able to get close to them without drawing attention to yourself-you will have to act carefully. Every option will be more or less productive, with no wrong choices. Work will require concentration, but it is better not to strain in personal relationships during this time.

Circumstances will develop as necessary for Virgos during the first ten days of May 2019. If you do not have time to seize every moment, remember it's okay to miss things; forget about the minor things and focus on the main points. If you have your own business, be in control and do not allow any actions or decisions to be made and implemented without your participation. This is necessary in order to prevent a potentially critical error later on. Be open to communication and external development during this period; this is a good time for new alliances and thoughtful investments. If you work at a lower level, try not to stand out until necessary-you will recognize this crucial moment when it comes. Then you have to act alone, without allies. Stay late, work weekends, and do whatever necessary to achieve what you want. Personal relationships are expected to lead from afar. Virgos with children should pay attention to the relationships between their children and their children's peers.

The second ten days of May 2019 will be especially successful in terms of restoring old connections. This can help both in professional and personal activities, so act as necessary. Those Virgos in romantic relationships should be more insistent and sure not to neglect their partners' opinions. If necessary, give yourself time to concentrate. This will be an easier time for Virgos not in serious relationships; short-term relationships, long-term romances, and nothing at all are all possible during this time. Here the choice is entirely yours. If you work for a company, continue the trends that were laid down at the beginning of the month. Demand a reward for your hard work and do not back down, even if it seems hopeless. Virgos with their own business should act more subtly. Decide for yourself what is most important to you, and do not give in to obstacles.

The third ten days of May 2019 will bring many new and interesting things to Virgos. There will be the possibility of a successful acquisition; this may be the purchase of a house, a vehicle, land for construction, or something else. Be careful, but do not miss this opportunity. Those who have their own business are likely to face legal issues-but nothing you can't handle. Those working at a lower level have to make a responsible decision, and here it is important to be active without overdoing it. If there are difficulties with your romantic partner, resolve the issue quietly and without outside help. Single Virgos will be free to choose their own path, with the only difference being that now they will need support. In general, the final period of May 2019 will end with successful acquisitions as you conclude successful deals and continue to meet interesting people. Don't overestimate the value of these things to others-just enjoy the achievements and rewards.

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