Taurus Horoscope for November 2019

November 2019 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for November 2019

Monthly November 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

Dame Fortune is smiling brightly on you, Taurus. But you'll need to be watchful and mindful to find those treasures as they come near you. It's a good month for doing very, very well. But it's also very easy to stumble over a treasure chest and then just complain that you stubbed your toe, forgetting to look inside of it. If you're very careful and thoughtful, Taurus, you won't miss the treasures that you're tripping over this month.
The biggest cosmic occurrence this month is Mercury syncing with Uranus in its exact opposite position, diametrically opposed. This is going to have huge implications for all the signs in November, but for Taurus, it means a shower of positive things raining over your entire life in every facet. But it's going to be too easy for you to think you need to reach for an umbrella, mistaking these showers for something bad. You need to keep your eyes open wide this month so that you're ready for your bounty to come.

Be prepared for some sort of advancement at work this month. And if you're not currently working, be prepared to start. You have good luck written all over your face, Taurus. Whatever you've been planning and setting in motion is coming to fruition. But (and this is a big but), if you're in a negative frame of mind or otherwise expecting the worst to happen at work, those great opportunities could just slide right by you. It's important that you stay expectant. That doesn't mean you'll cross your arms and demand good things, but that you believe - truly believe - that a good work experience is possible and in the cards for you. The magic date for this is the 8th, but good things could happen for you all month long.

Your sign might as well be the lottery ticket this month, Taurus. We're not saying you're going to win the lotto, but if ever there was a month where it would be good to buy a ticket…… this would be it. More pragmatically, look for all sorts of financial gifts to come your way in November. These might be actual gifts from various sources, but they're more likely to be unexpected opportunities to make some cash, a ruling in your favor, or some sort of bonus at work. Again, though, this all depends on your attitude going into the month. If you are a person who says these good things never, ever happen to you, well, you'll be right. But if you just open up to the possibility - the slightest possibility - that good things could actually happen to you, you're going to see these magic numbers everywhere. If you're looking for specific days to be on the lookout, keep your eyes open on the 5th, the 11th, and the 20th.
There are going to be a lot of potential love interests looking you up and down in November, Taurus. You might as well be investing in a chiropractic practice with all the heads you'll be turning. But here's the catch: it's not that you suddenly have a great haircut that everyone is noticing. It's that attitude again. A person with an open and available attitude is going to pull people in. Catching flies with honey, right? Maybe not the metaphor you want to hear regarding potential love interests, but it works. Keep your eyes open for someone interested in you on or around the 16th.

Your body is in a good position to receive good fortune as well in November. Listen to what it says and what it needs. A low-grade health concern that had been bothering you for several months is going to …. I won't say disappear, but let's just say you'll be a lot less stressed about it. It would probably be a good idea for you to schedule a doctor's appointment for November if you haven't already. Nothing dire, just to confirm what you already know about your health. A little knowledge is a very good thing.
Everything's coming up Taurus! Well, not quite. Everything is available to Taurus in November, but the question is: will Taurus make the right choices? You should when you have a bounty like that. This is a good month to remember every good thing that you have and to take a moment to be thankful for them. And there are a LOT. Then enjoy yourself and cash that lottery ticket.

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