Libra Horoscope for April 2020

April 2020 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for April 2020

Monthly April 2020 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

There’s a big storm brewing outside in April. We don’t mean an actual hurricane or anything like that. We’re talking about a lot of chaos and movement in the world that’s getting people by turns excited and agitated. What does this mean for you, Libra? Well, that depends. You can choose to either get caught up in all of that energy and use it for your own ends, or you can stay in and lay low, waiting for the chaos to subside. Both are perfectly acceptable answers, but it’s important that you make a choice starting in the first few days of the month as to how you’re going to approach the rest of it.

Why is everything storming now? The stars are stirring up the pot for everyone. Saturn (while not a star) is acting like the giant bone sitting in the broth of the soup that is the skies. It’s adding the flavor and giving the month its character. Maybe that’s stretching the metaphor a bit farther than makes sense, but what’s good to know is that Saturn is behind all of this and he’s affecting everyone. It’s nothing personal towards you, Libra.

Your workplace will be a perfect microcosm of that chaos in April. Think of it as a range of rough water you’ll just need to press through to get to your destination. What’s your destination? That’s for you to examine and figure out. So yes, two tasks for you in April: navigate rough waters and figure out where you want to go. It’s a lot of work, but guess what? It’s going to pay off in great rewards for the rest of the year.

So this means taking a look at your workplace and seeing if it’s a place worth staying in for a while. It’s going to get rocky there this month. That might be the best way to evaluate it. When it’s crazy and stressful at work, is it worth you are staying there? Keep an eye on things and keep this question in mind. It’s going to be particularly relevant to you around the 11th or so. That date might not be the peak time of craziness at your work, but it’s going to be the most representative. That’s the date in which you can point to and say: this is representative of what my job is like.

It’s not just your workplace that’s going to be swirling in chaos in April. Unfortunately, there’s going to be a bit of madness in your love life as well. April is the cruelest month and lovers can be the cruelest, so that means there’s a lot of cruelty floating around. That’s putting it a bit melodramatically. If you’re currently in a relationship, things might get a bit stormy in April, especially around the 9th or so. Keep your eyes open for warning signs from your partner that they are upset about something, even if it is trivial. You don’t need to completely kowtow to what they need, but you do need to take the time and listen. You want to put out any potential larger fires before they build up into something huge.

If you’re NOT currently in a relationship, the month of April is not going to be the time to start trying to get into one. There is madness all around you in the dating world. In fact, you might want to postpone any potential dates you have until May. Things are that crazy. This is the perfect month for you to squirrel yourself away and take yourself off of the market. Protect yourself from the chaos swirling around, but pay close attention to it. In fact, make it a point to take yourself out on some you-dates. That means take yourself to the movies, to the park, to a nice dinner every now and then. And when you do, watch the people around you and learn from their mistakes. You’re going to keep a level head in April and learn for the future. Take yourself on a date on or around the 18th of the month. Treat yourself nice, have a lovely time, then return home and lock the door until May.

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