Taurus Horoscope for April 2020

April 2020 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for April 2020

Monthly April 2020 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

You’ve had quite a year already, Taurus, and we’re only a few months in. 2020 is already been pretty exhausting for you. By the middle of March, you probably looked around and thought “Wait, isn’t it still January?” True, everyone tends to do that, but it hit you especially hard. Don’t fret, though, because some relief is coming your way in the form of a great buffer month. That’s right: April is going to be your time to rest, recover, and reflect.

One big reason for all of this month is that powerful full moon on April 8th. What’s the big deal about a full moon? Well, it’s not just a full moon, it’s a super moon, meaning it will fill the skies and terrorize animals (not really, don’t worry). It’s also like a giant reset button for the video game that is your life. The skies are hitting “pause” during the month of April and you need to make sure you’re in a good place to take full advantage of that. That can mean laying on the couch in your pajamas until May, but in addition to a bit (and only a bit) of that, you need to prime yourself to fully recharge and prepare to get back into the swing of things in May.

People have been causing you all sorts of stress and struggles so far this year, Taurus. It’s okay and it’s to be expected. After all, these are people that you love and you’ll do anything for them. These could be family members, close friends, lovers, or just the people you see in your day to day life. We would never in a million years suggest that you abandon them or put them completely on hold, but some things are going to be a little different in April, Taurus. You’re going to turn the volume on those people down just a little - just a little! As giving and caring as you are, you need to make sure to perform just a bit of self-care and take some time for yourself. How will you do this? You’re going to be there for people, but you’re also going to deliberately schedule a bit of your time every week, multiple times in the week. Get out your calendar (paper or computer) and write in some days and evenings that are just for you. These are going to be immutable blocks that are your excuse to not meet up with other people. What are you going to do with these times? Read on, Taurus.

You will definitely spend some of April laying back with your feet up, maybe with a good book, maybe with some trashy television. However you choose to spend your low energy downtime is up to you, Taurus. You also need to get in some recharging through other methods. Some of that time you’ve blocked off for yourself should be spent with something like meditation. If you currently follow a meditation practice, great, go ahead with what you’re doing. What’s important in these times is that you clear your head and ask yourself this simple question: what do I need? The answer that comes back to you could be as simple as a sandwich. Or you might find that you need to look for other employment, or a new living situation, or just to be spending more time in the sunshine. You’ve spent so much time with other people and listening to them that it’s hard to hear your own voice at times. It’s wonderful that you’ve been there for people and hearing what they’ve said. You just need to start doing that for you now.

April is your rest and recovery month, Taurus, but as we’ve spelled out, that doesn’t mean you can take a month-long nap. Rest and recovery mean tending to your wounds and any other needs you have, all with an eye towards getting back on track in May, ready to face anything that is thrown at you. You’ve worked your butt off already and we’re only a fourth of the way through the year. That’s not the way to run a marathon, Taurus! Slow yourself down, take stock, and come out guns blazing on May 1st.

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