August 2020 Horoscope Capricorn

August 2020 Horoscope Capricorn

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

Thanks to the learning experiences of last month, you’re understanding how to partner with others to achieve great things. August too has others begging to cooperate with you and your disciplined mind, Capricorn.

August 3rd delivers a Full Moon in Aquarius and your second house of self-esteem, material possessions, and value. Because the light of the full moon is so bright, it illuminates the entire situation and can leave you feeling a little uneasy about the details you missed before.

Under most circumstances, this revelation may not be very drastic, but this moon’s square to Uranus in Taurus means the full effect of this lunation will manifest in your material world. Have you been placing so much value on yourself that you’ve neglected someone else?

Major obstacles take a stand around the 4th when messenger planet Mercury enters Leo and your eighth house. As this house rules sex, death, and taxes, you need to take care to invest in all things wisely – whether that means your money, your emotions, or your time. If ever there was a time to step back from an indulgent party lifestyle, this is it.

Yet it can be all too easy to be overconfident right now. If you let your ego lead you into unnecessary arguments, your financial situation could suffer. After all, no one wants to invest in a grumpy old miser.

After the 7th, Venus the planet of love and beauty is traversing the waters of your seventh house – the domain of marriage and partnerships of all kinds. If you have a partner, they’ll understand what you’re feeling before you even have a chance to open your mouth. Don’t take this for granted; instead spend some quality time with someone you love. That being said, it can be hard for you to deal with the feeling that someone else is holding all the cards. Lighten up and let others see the sensitive side of you!

For single Capricorns, this can be a great time to improve cooperation in the workplace. Any one-on-one connection will benefit at this time as long as you’re not too stern.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for relationships that carry undertones of manipulation and control, particularly around the 11th. On this day, the asteroid Vesta plunges into the depths of your eighth house although her sacred flame is infused by Leo with confidence.

Right now, you’re drawn to the “taboo” subjects of life but be sure not to give up your power to someone who isn’t good for you. You need something with depth and consistency to sustain you.

On the 12th, Saturn in your own sign challenges Chiron with a quintile. This tension between your first house of identity and the fourth house of home means you’ll have to reconcile some disharmonic energy. Use gentle discipline and acceptance of obstacles rather than taking a rigid, ultra-conservative approach.

Creative risks abound on the 15th when Uranus stations retrograde in your fifth house. Surprisingly, your tastes are changing and you’re trying out a few new modes of self-expression as a result. Take a few risks over the next five months; you’ll find the thrill of being alive can help you break free from however you’re been holding yourself back. This period favors experimentation, especially when it comes to your love life, personal style, or the ways you seek joy.

A spouse, relative, or partner’s financial situation sees a brand-new cycle on the 18th thanks to the New Moon in your eighth house. It’s also possible you’ll need to repay a debt around now, or someone will need to fulfill their contract with you.

The Sun enjoys the expansion of your ninth house after the 22nd when it enters Virgo. Good luck is coming your way, and not just because Virgo is a fellow earth sign. The ninth house traditionally entails both higher wisdom and increased fortune, so the Universe seems to be in your favor for the next month – that is, as long as you stay out of trouble.

Someone’s likely to ask you for a loan or money the last week of the month, but you might want to think twice about lending. Others are testing your boundaries, seeing how far they can string you along without putting in the same hard work you do.

August ends a little early with the first quarter moon in Sagittarius on the 25th. This is a good thing, however, as it gives you the entire last week of the month to conquer any remaining resistance.

If you can stop being so scared of showing your mushy, soft side, August proves to be a month full of growth, teamwork, and synergy. Once you let go of using your serious nature as a shield against connecting with others, you’ll be prepared to have a great time in the upcoming September.

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