August 2020 Horoscope Gemini

August 2020 Horoscope Gemini

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

You are so over July, and no one in their right mind would blame you, Gemini. In August, you’re determined to break out of your cocoon and show everyone your beautiful butterfly wings. The full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius blesses you radically at the beginning of the month – lucky you! By mid-month, the concentration is on how you feel about yourself and how you share those emotions with your environment. More importantly, though, you’ll need to look at the way you speak to yourself. Even if only spoken subconsciously, self-defeating statements could damage your brand-new gossamer wings. August is a productive month where you’ll be able to cross everything to-do list and still have the concentration to spare.

The familiar air energy of Aquarius is always welcomed by you, but that’s especially true under the Full Moon on the 3rd. As this lunation illuminates your ninth house, you see everything you couldn’t before. It’s during this moon that you catch a glimpse of your future and the road you’ll need to take.

Because the full moon heralds a promise of fulfillment, you might be wrapping up a long-distance trip or college course. One thing’s for sure: the way toward your spiritual goals is just a smidge clearer.

Just because you can see the shape of your future, that doesn’t mean you can identify what exactly it looks like or anticipate what you’ll encounter along the road. In fact, this moon’s square to Uranus in your twelfth house means you’ll be receiving inexplicable “downloads” from your higher consciousness that cannot be described in words.

These genius insights lend you a hand in the workplace when Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Leo. From August 4th onwards, the cosmic communicator is right at home in your third house of early education and intellect. Brothers and sisters fall under this house’s domain, so chatting with your siblings or neighbors enriches your life now. Truth be told, it might be hard to fit such a chat in between your incessant multi-tasking and insatiable curiosity. In that case, sometimes a simple text can accomplish more than a phone call would anyway.

Venus transits Cancer and your second house after August 7th. Finances are strong, and you’re predisposed to accumulate all manners of wealth at this time. Even better, your ideas and originality are ignited by Vesta on the 11th when she brings her sacred flame to your house of communication.

There’s a tornado flurry headed your way on the 12th although you navigate the unfriendly weather better than most other signs. With Saturn’s quintile to Chiron, you need to learn a lesson through taking responsibility for yourself and your own negative voices within.

Uranus transits are notoriously hard to predict which makes sense since this is the planet of surprise. When he stations retrograde on the 15th, you’re in for five months of shocks and scandals. The only thing you can expect is the unexpected; this is a test to sharpen your ability to see what’s just around every corner. You normally have a habit of changing your mind to adapt to all the information you consume, but that won’t do you any good right now.

Try to accept the impressions zapping out of thin air as unconventional truths. Don’t second guess them.

Maybe one of these new impressions ties into the Leo New Moon on the 18th. This bright new cycle in your domicile grants you a clean slate. This is an auspicious time for learning and communicating and keeping yourself busy in general.

For once, your social crew will have the energy to keep up with you and the diversity to ignite your passions.

Appropriately, the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd, heralding the perfect opportunity to go back to school, achieve a certification, or organize a new wellness routine. This is a great time to work from home or plan out some business strategies.

There can be some hurdles with family now though, so do your best not to get roped into a pointless argument or debate. Instead, you should focus on cultivating an open discussion and only give your two cents when someone asks for it.

On the 25th, the first quarter moon waves goodbye to August in your polar opposite sign Sagittarius. Energies from a business or romantic partner are important right now although that could be good or bad. Whatever conversations abound this week are sure to surprise you thanks to the trine between Uranus and your ruling planet Mercury. Just make sure you take responsibility for your own words, and you should do just fine.

In the last couple of days of August, you would do well to channel your speedy wit into less literal ways of communicating: writing, marketing, teaching, etc. As you move into September, go slow in matters of love and connection, and you’ll be gifted with all the information you need.

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