August 2020 Horoscope Libra

August 2020 Horoscope Libra

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Libra

July taught you the importance of taking a more impersonal and nontraditional approach, so you’re playing the same winning hand as you dance into August. Where others are looking for arguments, you’re the effortless mediator all month. A full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius takes you to new heights, and with Venus in Gemini, the view’s sure to be astounding. Mid-month does bring some rocky inferences though. Luckily, you’ve got the wings and mental jetpack to lift you above the earthquakes below. With this supreme vantage point and your enviable view of the bigger picture, your balanced perspective is needed by all this August.

Your true nature is glistening as we begin this month under the silver light of the full moon on the 3rd. In Aquarius, this cool intellectual glow blesses your fifth house of creativity and romance.

Right now, you’ll find that digital avenues of expression and technological pursuits are especially favored. Playful attitudes and lots of flirting are in the cards for you this month but steer clear of drama if you can. If you’re going to take a gamble on love, now is the time to go all in!

After August 4th, your logical abilities are sparked by Mercury in Leo. During this time, your income should increase even if it means facing some conflict in the workplace. Don’t fear complicated issues this month, especially from your inner circle. Say what your intellect is telling you instead; your speaking skills will impress even your superiors. Knowing this, you’re proud to tout your ideas in front of an audience, and anything you have the guts to say will be well-received by your groups.

When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, your tenth house blossoms with potential. Because Venus rules your sign, she is especially predisposed to open the floodgates of prosperity to you. As she embraces your professional sector, a promotion could be on the way.

Even if you’re happy where you are career-wise, Venus ensures your reputation is flawless all month. Everyone’s aching to be your best friend, and you have more than enough attention to share now.

The most important thing this month is to follow your passions, especially around the 11th. At this time, the asteroid Vesta enters Leo to infuse whatever you do with dignity and purpose. With the last quarter moon shining in your eighth house of merged energies and bonding, just make sure you share the spotlight with your loved ones.

On the 12th, you’re probably resentful or fearful of the increased responsibilities knocking on your door. With Saturn in your house of home and family making a quintile to Chiron in your house of relationships, authority just rubs you the wrong way.

Your internal disciplinarian is going haywire thanks to the disrespect from someone closest to you – or the burdens you are placing on yourself. This isn’t the time to get defensive, Libra. Open up!

Unfortunately, the financial shakeups you’ve been weathering the past year won’t stop now. In fact, when Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus on the 15th, it can be impossible to predict just where your next paycheck is coming from!

On the other hand, the radical wildcard of Uranus could be manifesting in other ways. Finances might experience an upswing, but only through the increase of a partner’s income.

Whatever the case, over the next five months you’ll want to keep an eye out for pre-existing business deals and contracts you may be able to renegotiate or slide in on.

Another impressive performance garners admiration from your social circles on the 18th. The New Moon in Leo primes your synapses for a radiant new cycle that fulfills your need to belong. Despite any past conditioning, your inspiring initiative overrides your fears naturally, but this is only the first step. Can you keep your engines going even when the inertia wears off and resistance sets in?

You’ll be mulling over your strategy and getting your plans organized after the 22nd thanks to the Sun’s month-long journey through Virgo. This light exposes the mysteries and secrets of your twelfth house – essentially the astrological basement where you hide all the things you’re usually too scared to confront. There’s nowhere to hide with the transit, but you’re ready to see it all right now anyway: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your demons don’t stand a chance!

Finally, the stage curtains of August close with a first-quarter moon in Sagittarius. After the 25th, you’re communicating higher wisdom with all the enthusiasm and range of a talented archer. Yet enlightenment rarely comes from the pursuit of straight lines and following the status-quo.

In other words, it’s time to ride the wild waves of destiny into September. With the sheer presence of mind and gut conviction, you’re shooting your arrows toward the heavens and chasing your dreams!

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