August 2020 Horoscope Scorpio

August 2020 Horoscope Scorpio

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

A bright month ahead for the powerful Scorpios! In August, you crawl from July’s chasms of chaos onto a bright new playing field. Finally, you have a chance to step back from your overwhelming emotions to enjoy the luxurious things life has to offer.

Although you enter August still reeling from the tumult of last month, the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd has lightbulbs going off in your head. Bolts of insight are hurdling towards you from every which way. These revelations and “a-ha” moments come through especially once you get your loved ones talking. Of course, shocking news is rarely without conflict. The electricity of Uranus’ square to this moon might fry your domestic relationships as you or a partner could suddenly act out of character.

We all know you love and deserve control, Scorpio! But where would it pay to be more flexible? Use your magnetic clairvoyance to achieve higher awareness. Then you can walk the tightrope above any murky waters at home.

Rather than forcing your way with loved ones, funnel your power into your professional goals. Granted, that shouldn’t be difficult for you once Mercury enters Leo on the 4th.

Throughout August, your mind is uniquely attuned to creative expression at work and in the public sphere. As Mercury dances through your bright tenth house of career, your public persona has you making a grand performance or speech that lights up your reputation. Holding back just isn’t an option!

Indeed, you’re making yourself heard getting the job done with style. Your infectious confidence and enthusiastic self-expression attract the attention of your coworkers and your higher-ups.

Thinking about asking for a raise or a bonus? Go for it! You’re more convincing and persuasive than ever.

Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer on August 7th to bring fertility and devotion to your ninth house. Suddenly you have a taste for the exotic, and your mystical aura makes you all the more charming. This is the perfect time to broaden your horizons by exploring a fresh location, watching a foreign film, or testing out a new philosophy.

This Venus transit favors business and partnerships from abroad, so you’d do well to take advantage of any new experiences that come your way.

Vesta’s ingress into Leo on the 11th coincides with the last quarter moon in Taurus. The asteroid of the eternal flame is right at home in your tenth house, working with the moon in your domestic sector to create a welcome celebration of life. You can welcome changes while remaining committed to yourself.

If you can, get out and experience the dirt beneath your bare feet. As a fixed sign, you know there are no shortcuts when it comes to building something that lasts, but keep in mind that even the stable Earth has her seasons.

By the time August 12th comes around, you’re sensing some trouble in the shadows. There’s always a call to confront our fears when Chiron is in aspect to Saturn, but you could end up sabotaging yourself if you ignore the repressed conflict. What issues do you have with authority and independence? Your fear of disappointing others is at odds with your true potential. Remember that your expectations of yourself are all that matters in the end and do try to ease up on your standards.

From mid-month forward, there is wisdom and fortune to be gained from what you once considered abandoned. Ask yourself where you may have given up too easily or where you have let perfectionism stand in your way.

Raw possibilities are in the air with a Martian New Moon on the 18th. There’s a juicy surge of power now as your co-ruler Mars trines the Leo new moon to light a bonfire on your tenth/sixth house axis. This activates your house of professionalism in tandem with your house of routine and delivers an undeniable sense of direction. Anything you work towards now is sizzling with potential. Don’t just stand there – take advantage of this by fashioning a projectile of intent! You may not know exactly where you’re going, but you’re sure you’re headed toward an incredible destiny.

August 22nd has you homing in on the details with the Sun’s ingress into Virgo. For the next month or so, you’re one step ahead of the game and taking home all the profits. As this focus on your eleventh house of social circles takes center stage, you’ll need to sift through your connections with practical discernment.

A little early, August ends with the first quarter moon on the 25th. This special moon touches your own sign before dipping into Sagittarius, so you’re sure to feel the expansive shift. Nourishing energy is ripe for the taking.

As you head toward September, the intent is the only thing that matters. Harness your desperation to break through and, in return, the planets will deny you nothing.

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