August 2020 Horoscope Taurus

August 2020 Horoscope Taurus

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

It probably seemed like you just couldn’t catch a break in July, but you’ll need to buck up and pull out the horns in August, Taurus. We start this month with a full moon squaring your sign and amping up the tension. As if that wasn’t enough, Uranus stations retrograde in your first house mid-month to bring you five months of unpredictable behavior. Though, you might feel like the way you’re acting has been a long time coming. After all, your world is changing rapidly and it’s not your problem if others depend on your predictable side. Through August, you’re rethinking your goals to realign with your star player!

When the full moon in Aquarius squares Uranus on the 3rd, secrets are getting stirred up from the dark. There’s no place to hide, and you can expect to be struck with scintillating new details about events from the past year. This moon fulfills a promise in your tenth house of career and reputation, so whatever comes out, it’s sure to a public ordeal.

Your response to these revelations is nothing short of baffling to everyone else. Unbothered, you know exactly where to go, what to do, and how to do it. It’s almost like you’re unconsciously guided to navigate one dilemma after another, sure of nothing if not your destination.

Taurus, you don’t need to explain yourself. Chances are, no one would “get it” anyway because of Mercury transit through Leo.

You’re not particularly inclined to listen to other people’s input this month either. From August 4th through the end of the month, the planet of communication moves through boisterous Leo and nudges you to express yourself to your family or roommates. If they don’t provide you with the validation you need, simply take note and be proud you had the guts to speak up.

It’s more likely your loved ones will welcome you with empathy and kindness considering your ruling planet Venus’ cruise through Cancer. These warm familiar waters embrace cradle your desire to honor your heart’s truth and renew your most cherished bonds.

Under the last quarter moon in your sign on August 11th, the asteroid Vesta makes a grand debut into Leo. The asteroid of home and hearth’s sacred flame holds a steady guiding light in your house of family.

Mid-month is filled with laughter, leisure, and pleasure as you learn to accept the process of growth and letting go. As always, you treasure the finer things in life, but you can see the value in simple things too. Celebrate the moment, but don’t spend too much! A game night with friends or a picnic beneath the sun can be much more entertaining and fulfilling than a new wardrobe or expensive gadget.

Maybe your tendency to go overboard with the materialism stems from a fear you are now being called to overcome. That would sure seem to be the case with Saturn’s quintile to Chiron on the 12th.

It’s true that no one enjoys disappointing someone they respect but buying your way into other peoples’ lives is more disappointing than failing. Do you regularly run from your fears by splurging on expensive food, clothes, and material things? If so, the second half of August will stop you in your tracks to prevent you from charging down a dangerous path.

Heed the resistance. This is not the month to play “chicken” with the Universe, Taurus!

August 15th forces you to recommit to yourself and a dream you’ve left behind – even if it leaves your friends and family thinking you’re insane. Uranus travels retrograde through your sign from now through the next five months, and this electricity can leave you feeling internally alien.

Everyone’s shocked and surprised about this rebellious attitude of yours. Heck, you’re taken aback by it yourself! You refuse to be confined any longer, and you follow the brightness of your own vision.

You might even decide to learn a new language around the 18th. The New Moon in your third house of communication begins a glamorous new cycle concerning how you express yourself. For the next six months, you’re louder and prouder than you have been all year.

Charm and allure surround you after August 22nd while the Sun voyages through fellow earth sign Virgo. This is a great time to research a new wellness routine or exercise regime – anything that focuses on health and detail. Paying close attention to your partner is especially welcome right now; if you’re single, a neighbor or classmate is sure to catch your eye.

Although you value your routines and don’t usually consider yourself the greatest advocate for change, the August and the months before have taught you an important lesson in adaptability. You approach September riding the winds of change (wherever they take you) with a smile on your face and a mysterious twinkle in your eye.

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