August 2020 Horoscope Virgo

August 2020 Horoscope Virgo

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

Although July was filled with cutting loose and letting your hair down, August is a more introspective time for you, Virgo. Indeed, the planets this month are focused on your most private affairs and attachments. Lucky for you, this means you’ll get a bit of physical rest, but you’ll have to battle with quieting your inner critic first. How far did you expect to get by tearing yourself down all the time anyway? You’ll need to reconcile this sector of your subconscious before you enter September. Take heart though; by the end of the month, the Sun enters your sign to herald your birthday season. This means you can’t help but to close out August feeling in your element.

The first event of the month is a brilliant Full Moon in Aquarius and your sixth house of daily workings. Around the 3rd, whatever you’ve been consistently working on the past six months is fully on display now, but you might not like what you see. No reason to fret – your tastes are allowed to change. Just make sure your judgement and criticisms aren’t coming from impossible-to-reach standards.

On the other hand, your health could clue you in on what is or isn’t working about your routine. Do you serve yourself as much as you serve others? After the external focus of last month, you would do well to spend as much time as you can coming back to your internal center.

While Uranus is shaking things up in your eighth house at this time, someone else’s health or income may falter. As much as you want to help, this is a test of your commitment to your own wellbeing.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Leo on the 4th, bringing a little fire to the way you communicate with yourself. The messenger planet darts confidently from the secret to secret in your twelfth house of unseen things, secrets, and psyche. You’re reaching beyond the curtain, examining your past and your dreams to find answers. Meditation and research are favored now, but the more creatively you can visualize your situation, the better – even if that means picking up an art form you haven’t touched in years.

Luck favors your income and your friendship circles after the 7th while Venus is traveling through your eleventh house. As the planet of love and beauty, Venus is comfortable in the Cancer-ruled waters of this house, but you may not be all too comfortable with the emotions this combo entails.

Popularity and social invites are coming from every direction, but don’t forget to reserve some time for yourself, otherwise, you’ll burn out before the best presents itself.

Around the 11th and 12th, you can restore your sacred inner drive using the energy of asteroid Vesta. This rekindling of your flame doesn’t come without obstacles though. First, you’ll have to pass through the gates of taskmaster Saturn who has your domestic fears on lockdown.

Everything is unpredictable on the 15th, especially when it comes to long-distance travel, philosophy, and higher education. A little unpleasantly for you, Uranus the planet of surprises will be inciting a cosmic revolution in your ninth house. A little uncertainty doesn’t have to be a bad thing necessarily. In fact, the next five months could bring you luck and good fortune from foreign lands or unexpected digital connections. This is the perfect time to learn something new or to finally publish that piece of wisdom you’ve been hiding from the world.

In the second half of the month, your mind knows no limits and you’re checking every nook and cranny of your subconscious.

That’s especially true on the 18th with the Mars-powered New Moon in Leo. It could be tempting to spill your guts about all the details you find, but you could get more done if you watch what you say. You’ll have your chance to stop working behind the scenes in the coming weeks.

On the 22nd, the Sun enters your own sign and works its light on your identity. Yes, you’ve already been digging into your subconscious and psychological wounds, but the debut of the Sun prompts a complete makeover of your identity. This is a profoundly positive time for you, and the sunlight smiles down upon any goals and dreams you want to manifest. If you’ve been wanting to change the way you present yourself to the world, this is the perfect time for a haircut or new wardrobe.

August closes out with a gentle first quarter moon in Sagittarius on the 25th. This expansive energy has your home and family life bulging with potential, and it seems you have a sense for exactly what needs to be done.

Your ability to alchemize and actualize your intentions is at an all-time high as you head into September. Don’t lose momentum now, Virgo – you’re on the up and up!

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