December 2020 Horoscope Libra

December 2020 Horoscope Libra

December 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Libra

Easy-going Libra, the month of December is looking good, especially if you are meeting up with family during the first half of the month and hunkering down at home at the end of December. Take advantage of the free, cheery feeling you’ll have around all forms of communication, short trips to visit friends and family, and getting in touch with family you rarely talk to. This will undoubtedly make the busy holiday season a little easier to navigate. Go with the flow and things will fall into place naturally.

Your mind and body will be in sync, so you can enjoy this optimistic time to the fullest. Your ability to focus might not reach beyond short projects or trips, so try to sprint through things.

Intense feelings in your solar 2nd house will be with you until the middle of the month. There might be conflict or joy relating to your money, possessions, or finances with partners. Endure the drama of Venus in Scorpio and Sagittarius will provide some relief later on.

Librans typically have a light touch, so Mars in Aries in your 7th house might make you come off slightly more forceful than normal with your partners in love or business. Your natural diplomacy will likely stop you from bowling anyone over (figuratively), so try to channel this energy into expressing yourself in your partnerships. Maybe there’s a conversation you’ve been meaning to have or something you wish for that you haven’t told anyone about. Now might be the time to assert yourself.

Weather the ups and downs of the second week of December with grace. Rest on the days that feel draining and jump into action when your energy is at the surface. There will be many opportunities for action during this week, so there’s no need to stress the days you can’t get much done.

The New Moon in Sagittarius falls on December 14th in your solar 3rd house. Kick back and relax – let your mind show you all the events that have happened lately in terms of communication, family, or fun day trips you’ve taken. Bask in the memories and reflect on everything that’s happened.

With Venus sextile Jupiter and Mercury in opposition with the North Node, this might be a time to work through emotions on your own and not worry too much about the future.

On December 15th, Venus will enter Sagittarius in your solar 3rd house, bringing with it the optimism that was missing earlier in the month. You will likely take love and business quite seriously right now and the energy you need will be available to you. Make things happen while some of your planets are in harmony.

Saturn is entering Aquarius on December 17th in your solar 5th house. Jupiter will do the same on December 19th. Take advantage of this long-term solar occurrence to focus on creativity and let your affection flow freely. Draw, paint, make music, or indulge in whatever artistic endeavor comes most naturally to you. If you have children, this will be a time when you can make a positive impact and lead them in a good direction. Friends and future-oriented endeavors will also bring luck.

As winter beings, Mercury and the Sun will enter Capricorn in your solar 4th house. You will likely approach your physical and emotional home with seriousness. Try not to get too wrapped up in this, but work hard when you have the energy to do so. You might feel like you aren’t accomplishing enough. Maybe your home isn’t as perfect as you’d like it. Maybe you’re worried about others intruding on your space. Give yourself permission to take some time alone and get organized.

On December 25th, Mercury will trine Uranus, opening you up to original ideas. Inspiration might strike on December 28th with the Sun trine Uranus.

The month will draw to a close with the Full Moon in Cancer in your solar 10th house. You might be filled with strong emotions about your career and the way people view you. Try to create a safe place for yourself in this area of your life. Your Libran nature makes you easy to like, so try not to worry too much about the way others view you.

The main things to remember this month are to enjoy the fun, open feeling of the beginning of the month, tap into your creative energies mid-month, and keep your confidence up as December ends.

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