December 2020 Horoscope Scorpio

December 2020 Horoscope Scorpio

December 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio, the beginning of December will likely be quite enjoyable, bringing within fortune in the areas of money, luxury, and beauty. The middle to end of the month is time for the holiday season, bringing with it some serious feelings around family you don’t see often and the need to communicate. The end of the month might feel somewhat profound and dramatic.

With the Sun in Sagittarius in your solar 2nd house, your identity will be wrapped up in money and beauty – but it will likely come to you with ease. You will feel free and open to these things thanks to Sagittarius’ cheerful influence.

Your mental focus will be on money and beauty, and with Sagittarius projecting its influence, you might be free-wheeling in this area. If you decide to slap down some money for a spontaneous trip, it will likely be decadent and worth remembering.

With Venus in Scorpio in your 1st house, you might start feeling quite dramatic about how love and relationships effect your identity. Have you changed your appearance to please someone else? This might be the time you realize that and take back your style and power.

With Mars in Aries in your solar 6th house, you might feel particularly forceful in areas of work and health. Try not to be too aggressive on the job lest you offend someone unnecessarily, but do project your self-confidence. In the same way, don’t push yourself over the edge in terms of your physical or mental health, but do take this time to put some energy into your health.

Venus will trine Neptune on December 6th, and sextile Pluto on December 10th. Harness these aspects for a burst of creative energy and prepare for good changes in the realms of love and money.

Use the energizing feeling of the next few days to get things done.

On December 14th, the New Moon in Sagittarius will fall in your solar 2nd house. Think back on the ways you make your money, your current possessions, and how you can make money in the future. Focus on the good things and take stock of all you have accomplished. At the same time, you might be somewhat tired mentally and your emotions might be running wild. Reflect and rest, and this will pass.

With Venus in Sagittarius on December 15th, the strong emotions around money will fade, but optimism will take its place. Stay hopeful about money matters, love relationships, and the ways in which you earn a living. Venus sextile Saturn lends itself to successful business partnerships, so pursue these on the 15th (strengthen current ones or make new ones). Mercury will trine Mars, letting your mind and energy stores work in tandem. Enjoy this aspect and let it help you achieve things you’ve been putting your mind to for some time.

Saturn will enter Aquarius on December 17th and land in your 4th house. This is a good time to project your likable qualities and take a leadership role at home. Jupiter will also enter Aquarius in the solar 4th house on December 19th. Your friends, family, and a forward-thinking attitude will help you during this time.

Are you hosting any gatherings at the end of the month? If so, Mercury and the Sun entering Capricorn in your solar 3rd house will help you out. Whether the in-laws are coming into town, or relatives you don’t see often are arriving, you’ll be able to communicate with them all with steadiness and seriousness. (You might be taking this too seriously on the 20th. Try to let things slide a little so you don’t become domineering.)

With Jupiter conjunct Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn, you will be ready to work hard to impress your family and communicate well with them. If you have to take a short trip, you are the perfect person to organize it. Appreciate your ambition during this time and try not to feel like you’re not doing enough.

On December 25th and 28th, Mercury and the Sun will trine Uranus respectively. You might be filled with inspiration or experience serendipity. Enjoy this while it lasts.

The Full Moon in Cancer happens on December 30th. It brings with it strong emotions, and for you Scorpio, this will be most evident in the areas of education, long-distance trips, or profound thoughts and philosophies. Settle in at home during this time, let the emotions wash over you, and study or read. If you feel the need, take a trip to express the emotions you’re feeling during this time.

Enjoy December this year, as it will bring you some luck in terms of money and possessions. Don’t worry too much about family gatherings as you are magnetic and will be dedicated to making sure you express yourself clearly with those in your life. As long as your intentions are good when you’re talking on the phone or making conversation over a decadent dinner, the results will be too.

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