December 2020 Horoscope Taurus

December 2020 Horoscope Taurus

December 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

Hey, Taurus. While you get ready to indulge in the wonderful holiday season of beautiful traditions, time spent in your cozy home, and delicious snacks, your mind will likely be elsewhere, contemplating the unknowable. The Sun and Mercury will be in your solar 8th house at the beginning of December, bringing with them the freedom and independent spirit you need to think about life’s mysteries: birth, death, ancestry, and the ever-changing nature of life.

You might spontaneously pursue spirituality this month, even if you haven’t felt the draw before. With Mercury in Sagittarius in your solar 8th house, your mind will be focused away from earthly and present matters.

With Venus in Scorpio in your solar 7th, your marriage or other partnerships might be dramatic. This will pass when Venus enters the optimistic sign of Sagittarius later in the month.

Mars will sit in Aries all month, in your solar 12th house, making you somewhat forceful when it comes to your undoing. Take it easy this month, try not to indulge in too many of your bad habits, and you’ll thank yourself come January.

Put your natural artistry to work on December 6th, kick back and try not to think too hard on December 9th, and reap the rewards of change on December 10th. Your love life and finances will hopefully take a turn for the better.

With the Sun trine Mars on December 11th, you will hopefully get a burst of energy that will help you overcome the frustrating feeling of not being able to realize your long-term goals. You’ll get a little help in this area with Mars sextile the North Node on December 12th.

The middle of the month is likely to be very enjoyable. Make some time on December 14th to bask in the New Moon in Sagittarius in your solar 8th house. Let your mind wander to the past, the future, and the mystical parts of our world.

With Venus in Sagittarius on December 15th, your attitude toward your recent contemplations will be more fun-loving and freer. Love and money will feel a little less dire than they have for a few weeks. Venus will sextile Saturn and Mercury will trine Mars, creating a good environment for serious love and energetic thought.

Forward-thinking ideas in your career and help from your friends will bolster you when Saturn and Jupiter both enter Aquarius in your solar 10th house. If you have ideas you have been mulling over or people you need to befriend or win over, now is a great time to pursue those endeavors.

Building on your mystical contemplations from the beginning of the month, you might decide to mark the beginning of winter with serious spiritual or philosophical studies. Mercury and the Sun will enter Capricorn in your solar 9th house, opening the door for you to consider education or travel. Try not to take this all too seriously. You will be able to work hard, but nevertheless, you might still feel that you aren’t doing enough.

The fourth week of December will have its ups and downs but ultimately will end well. Stay open to inspiration and you might be surprised what you think of during the week.

December will come to close with the Full Moon in Cancer. You will likely want to spend this time connecting with your family or taking a short trip to visit them. Put yourself in a comfortable place and you will be able to deal with the strong emotions brought on by this Full Moon. You are generally so reliable, you might need to give yourself extra permission to feel your feelings on December 30th.

Outwardly you will be experiencing a lot of luxury and comfort from the natural world since this is a time for celebration and love, but inwardly you might be quite preoccupied. Give yourself permission to focus on the otherworldly at the beginning of the month, Taurus. Your long-term goals and personal philosophy will come back into focus later in the month. Finally, be sure to make a comfortable place for yourself at the end of the month and spend some time with loved ones – either physically, over the phone, or by writing them a letter.

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