June 2020 Horoscope Capricorn

June 2020 Horoscope Capricorn

June 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

If there’s a single word to describe June for you, Capricorn, it’s turbulent. Eclipses in your houses of spirituality and love test your relationships with dramatic disruptions and upheavals. And with Mercury’s retrograde in your seventh house, you may feel handicapped by those you hold dear. With these stressful distractions, your health is impacted on a physical and psychological level. Never fear, this month realigns you with the work you were born to do.

Good fortune smiles upon you on the 1st as the great benefactor Jupiter in your own sign makes a quintile to Chiron. However, the blessings of this transit only make themselves known if you stand firm in your faith for better days. Emotional wounds connected to a discordant childhood and unstable upbringing require your practical attention at this time, though it’s likely your instinct is to tuck these feelings away. Indeed, these memories may be buried so deeply that your conscious mind refuses to recall them. Forgive your childhood self and focus on the legacy you’re leaving behind.

Your refined creative intelligence and knack for conservation are doorways to success on the 2nd. As Pallas retrograde enters your own sign, your talent for combining structure and beauty is undeniable. Where before there was a conflict between your head and your heart, it’s now possible to compromise and have it both ways.

If you’re in a relationship now, it’s important to give yourself some space in the first week of June. With Vesta entering your seventh house of love on the 3rd, the constant presence of a romantic or business partner could drain your health and your patience.

This is the perfect time to take a solo vacation although this might not sit well with your partner. Explain that your need for alone time is nothing personal, and you’ll feel much more rested and rejuvenated even after an hour or so to yourself.

Particularly around the 5th, spending time alone will be your saving grace. With the Full Moon lunar eclipse culminating in your twelfth house of isolation, even being in the same room as someone could leave you feeling exposed and smothered. The Universe is encouraging you to tend to your soul, maybe even revealing a secret that suddenly puts your life into perspective. Otherworldly visions and vivid dreams could expose the truths you’ve been chasing, but only if you exercise some detachment from your work and routines.

A sudden surprise development in your romantic life makes an eccentric debut on the 10th. As Uranus in your fifth house makes a semi-sextile to Chiron, a spontaneous playful expression is at the forefront. You’re attracting unusual partners and unconventional opportunities that will ultimately lead to personal liberation.

Of course, these newfound perspectives spark differences of opinion between you and those you consider your “ride-or-die” partners. Mercury’s retrograde in your seventh house on the 18th calls for a re-negotiation of terms – especially when it comes to unspoken contracts or informal agreements. If someone isn’t quite pulling their weight, you might find yourself biting your tongue to hold the peace and maintain the status quo. Don’t let your pride get in the way however; this could be a great time to hash out any disagreements as long as everyone remains civil.

By the 20th, you’re leaning toward diplomacy and sympathy in all of your one-on-one relationships. Be careful about viewing your partner as too emotional or dramatic. If you take time to reflect on your feelings, you might even find that you’ve been running from some of your own.

An opportunity to relate to someone close to you comes on the 21st with the New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer. You have a unique gift when it comes to building successful partnerships and contracts, and it’s impossible to forget the way you honor your commitments. This eclipse may play out as a promising new collaboration or a favorable alliance.

Through your intrinsic goodwill and ability to consider others, you can share the gift of this eclipse and teach others what cooperation means. The focus the last week of June is on interaction at a one-on-one personal and business level. Any solid relationship is solidified whereas unproductive coalitions crumble to the wayside.

Reality-shattering feedback might be on the way with Neptune’s retrograde on the 23rd. This is a test of your beliefs meant to strengthen your enthusiasm and slaughter your excuses.

An unpleasant truth could feel like a bucket of ice-cold water to the face, but June ends with passionate Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in your sign. Power and success lie in the palm of your hands, but the results depend entirely on your personal goals. Why do you want to achieve what you’re working towards? What is your motivation in this life? Once you have that answer figured out, place it somewhere prominent as an everyday reminder on your journey into next month.

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