2020 Horoscope for Leo Zodiac Sign

2020 Horoscope Leo

Astrology forecast for 2020, the year of the White Metal Rat. 2020 Horoscope for people born under the Leo Zodiac sign.

On "Rupaul's Drag Race", there's always a great moment when Rupaul comes down the runway before the contestants do. And why not? It's her show. It's clearly for no other reason than wanting to be seen and for everyone to know who is boss. We're not saying, Leo, that your role model for this year is Rupaul (but really, you could do much worse), but there's something about that charisma, uniqueness, nerve, etc, etc that you need to amplify in yourself. It's all there already. You just need to focus it, like a vivacious laser. Courage is your hallmark, so 2020 is going to be the year where you're going to be courageous enough to be yourself and be so boldly. There's a part of you that's a big showboat (even if it doesn't come out all the time). This is going to be the year where you nurture that.

There's a particular celestial occurrence that is going to shape your life this year, Leo. In November of 2019, Jupiter will be making its transit through Sagittarius and will be there to March 29th, 2020. Of special note about this is that it only happens every twelve years. Twelve years! That's a lifetime ago. Think of how different you were in 2007. Now think of how different you'll be in 2031. Think of this as a visit from a great, fun, and beloved relative who is passing through town. They're making their way across the country but they wanted to make sure to have some quality time with you, their favorite younger relative. They come to town, tell stories and pass on wisdom, and you remember the visit for the rest of your life. That's what's happening with Jupiter and it is here to see you, Leo. Aren't you lucky? Yes, yes you are. And we all know that luck is the byproduct of preparation, so we want you to make sure you are prepared for that visit. You need to make sure you're in the right headspace to receive the full bounty of this visit. Read on to prepare yourself.

Whether you know it or not, you are the gem in your workplace, Leo. Or if you're not currently working, you were at the last one. (We're going to keep speaking in the present tense, but let it apply however you see fit.) We don't necessarily mean that you were the life of the party, the office cut up, the Michael Scott (please no) of your work, but you're the person that makes things a bit more bearable on a Monday at 8 am. Every workplace has (or should have) that person who is (dare we say) the soul of the place. This is you, Leo, even if you don't hear it. What does that mean for you in the coming year? You're going to embrace that side of you and use that to fuel your courage (you're going to be hearing that word a lot) to ask for what you want at work. It could be a raise, it could be a more challenging assignment, it could just be that you want to be the one to decide what cake to get for the next birthday. This coming year is about accepting how great everyone thinks you are. Don't worry: we're not suggesting you get conceited and full of yourself in the negative sense. But you should trust in that praise, even if you can't hear it. Let it give you the strength you need when maybe you don't believe it yourself.

You're wonderful, Leo, but listen to the experts when it comes to money. We mentioned that visit from Jupiter starting in November earlier. It's going to sometimes make you want to do crazy things, like empty out your savings and invest in a radical new startup you heard about online ("It's like Bitcoin for Uber. Or vice versa"). We implore you, Leo, do not give in to these rash decisions. You will be brimming with confidence and power, but you need to point that cannon in the right direction. If there's an area where you need to be extra careful, it's with your finances this year. We are not saying put your money in your mattress or anything like that, but give any big (or frankly, even small) financial decision the three-part look: look at it once and see if you want to do it, then again, and then a third time. This is a year where thoughtless money moves can really screw you up, so think before you leap. Courage sometimes means holding back and knowing where you do not need to tread. It also sometimes means asking for help when you're in over your head. That's a good thing for you to keep in mind, particularly with money: get help when you need it. There's nothing wrong with that at all. Even (or especially) billionaires do this.

Ahh, Leo, you big romantic. When it comes to matters of the heart, you've always felt things big. You've never been one for half-measures, at least on the inside. Don't ever change this aspect of you, and if ever there's a time where it can serve you well, it's going to be this coming year. Do you remember how much we were talking about that visit from your relative Jupiter earlier? Well, Jupiter has a traveling companion over the course of 2020. You know, someone to help pay for gas, find radio stations, what have you. That companion is Saturn. They're going to be linked closely this next year and that means a lot for your love life. 2020 is the year where you will blossom in love and romance. Current relationships will thrive and be positive and supporting for you. If you're currently looking for love, 2020 is the year where you'll find it. But that doesn't mean you can sit back and wait for this bounty to arrive. Oh no, you have to do some leg work. That might mean a little extra attention to the ones you love (or you'd like to love). Nothing crazy, just maybe some flowers here and there. Just now that the two biggest planets in our solar system are rooting for you and supporting you. It's like your favorite uncle is there to give you love advice. So follow it.

Lions have to be in peak physical shape to be kings of the jungle. Movie stars have to work out constantly so that no one on Instagram sees any flab. Both are good models for you this coming year, Leo. We're not saying you have to quit your job just to work out all the time, but it's time to crank things up a notch. If you're currently active, this is a good year to break the routine and raise the stakes a bit. Maybe throw another 10k on the fire. Not that active? It's okay, we've all been there, but it's time to leave. Leo, this is your year to get fit. You're going to pretend that you have a huge movie role at the end of the year, but it requires you to be extra buff. Put down some (not all) of the sweets, get off that couch, and get moving. Start slow, but keep going. By December you are going to be the king of your own personal jungle and/or the hottest thing on social media. You've got this Leo. It's the year for it.

That visit from friendly Jupiter is going to shape your year in ways big and small. Starting with the end of this year, we want you to treat it like a real family visit: clean house and prepare yourself. The courage that this will bring you may surprise you, and that's okay. You've been courageous and vivacious before, but 2020 is going to bring the outgoing parts of you that you didn't know you had. This is the time where (yes) your inner light is going to shine and you want to be ready for that. Listen to the voice inside you that sounds like a small roar. It's asking you to let out a louder roar for the whole world to hear. Do! Don't remain silent.

You are a spectacular star, Leo. And stars just have to do one thing: shine. Sure, there's several megatons of energy that they burn continually, but that's all under the surface as far as we're concerned here on Earth. For us, all they have to do is shine so we can admire them and be guided by them. What a perfect metaphor for you. You are a force of admiration and guidance for everyone around you. Enjoy that. Let the confidence (there's that word again!) that being admired and looked up to brings you to flow freely. Use that confidence to make strong decisions that will make you happy. You're a shining star, no matter who you are, Leo. Let us admire you and let you be your fierce self.

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