Cancer Horoscope for March 2020

March 2020 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for March 2020

Monthly March 2020 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

Cancer, March will be a month of contrasts for you this year. The planetary weight during this time period is going to be unevenly distributed, with much of the planets moving through the top of the chart. This will place an added emphasis on your professional life and move the pressure off of your personal and, especially, your romantic relationships. Venus swinging through retrograde will also deemphasize the romantic, while the Virgo full moon of the 9th will drive you to focus even more than usual on your interiority and mental health.

You are a private person by nature, and sometimes this introvertedness can lead other people to think you're simply not as sensitive as you truly are. During March, especially this year as Mercury will be in retrograde, the chances of these kinds of misunderstandings will be amplified several folds. Keep your frustrations under control and try to communicate your feelings clearly to avoid nasty arguments, especially in your professional life. Your tendency towards masking your emotions will only be a hindrance in March if you let it.

Financially, March affords many opportunities for success with little in the way of true danger for you, Cancer. Feel free to play the lottery, especially during the second and third weeks of the month, but don't expect to hit a jackpot. Look out for the numbers 17 and 23 (both primes, by the way) and focus positive energy towards the financial well-being of others to optimize your chances for a big windfall. This isn't the month to play it safe, so don't worry too much about overspending. That isn't to say that thrift isn't its own reward, and a savvy strategy in investment can be as much of a payoff as hitting it big at a game of chance. Trust your own counsel in the realm of finance and don't be swayed by fast-talking advice-givers. You're your own best financial advisor, after all.

Keep a close eye on your state of mind as the month moves on. March will bring some bumpy spots for your inner-self, and focusing on self-care and stability will be a key part of staying healthy. Don't give in to dark moods or anxiety. Feel free to reach out to friends and loved ones when the going gets rough. You are not alone, so it would do you good not to act like it.

The sun entering Aries on the 19th coupled with an Aries new moon on the 23rd will contribute to a strong presence for the Aries in your life. Cancer, seek out the Aries you feel close to and distance yourself from the Aries who threaten your peace, especially during the end of the month. The instability of the planets moving through the chart, particularly the motion of Jupiter, will make this a time of extreme vulnerability for you and yours. Keeping a healthy space around you at this juncture will ensure your mental well-being and the continued success of your professional ambition. Don't let a negative, stubborn person into your life during this time, and keep an eye out for a vulnerable Aquarius as Mars enters their solar house at the end of the month. You can be a shield and a helpmate for an old friend if you keep their safety forefront in your mind and your actions. Don't underplay your own strengths when it comes to protecting others, Cancer, but be careful not to protect those who don't deserve your sanctuary. Your fortitude is a gift that shouldn't be given away lightly or to the undeserving in your life.

People around you will tend to act rashly throughout the month of March, but if you keep your head while others are losing theirs you will ultimately make it through unscathed. Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus are all going to make big swings during the month, and this will be destabilizing for people scattered throughout the chart. This will be high time for you to show your resiliency and emotional intelligence, Cancer. You have all the tools you need and you shouldn't let anyone dissuade you from using them.

Overall, March will prove to be a good month on all fronts if you keep your own best interests at the forefront. Focus on your own value and the happiness of the people that mean the most to you. This is the winning strategy that you should embrace as the month moves on. There is an old saying: "Keep the home fires burning." You will find the wisdom in the adage more and more if you are open to your own heart's true desires.

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