Libra Horoscope for March 2020

March 2020 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for March 2020

Monthly March 2020 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

Libra, this may be good news or bad depending on your life currently, but March is likely to be a month of routine and ease for you this year. Your month will be dominated by your work, by your desire to be comfortable, and by your innate, inborn penchant for intellectual rigor and perfection. You strive in all areas of life to be aesthetically precise and mentally rigorous, and these traits will be the ones to shape the month of March for you.

The beginning of the month of March has Mercury transiting the sixth house, locking your romantic life into one of mundanity and potential boredom. You can combat this pitfall by focusing on the things about your partner that you may overlook otherwise. Look for the things that make your romantic partner a truly unique individual and praise and magnify these traits. Mercury moves out of the sixth house on the 13th, alleviating some of your potential malaise and providing an opportunity for laughter and light. Ride these waves of goodwill throughout the end of the month and don't lose track of what you love about your partner. The north and east portions of the chart will dominate throughout much of the spring, and this will bring a healthy environment for acceptance and openness. Seek out opportunities everywhere.

Your naturally empathetic nature will be tested by your extended family throughout the month of March, Libra. Turmoil is likely, but it will come from the areas where turmoil has come before. Do not prepare to be surprised as this conflict will be very unsurprising indeed. This conflict may necessitate taking a step back out of your troubled loved one's life or even pushing them out of yours, at least for a short time. Rest and understanding are the watchwords of the day for you when it comes to navigating family life, and you should always be cognizant of the love that these people truly do have for you. Forgive, move on, but guard your heart so as to avoid undue stress and potential psychic injury. Becoming wounded during this period is a possibility, not an inevitability. Use your judicious mind to protect yourself as you see fit.

Work and finance go hand in hand throughout this month, and you will find that a diligent savings strategy will pay off in spades by the time of the full moon in the middle of March. Libra, you love the finer things in life, of course, and attend faithfully to frugality early on in the month you can reap the rewards by the end. Affording your champagne tastes is no easy task, so look for a lucrative investment vehicle to present itself early in the month while Mercury is still in retrograde. This planetary movement will scare off the more timid investor, but you can capitalize on this perceived chaos. Pay special attention to the presence of precious gems and metals in your life, as they may hold the key to continued financial success. However, as the saying goes, nothing gold stays, so be ready to jump out of the investments at their peak. Don't be caught flat-footed this month. March is the period of the Spring equinox and is a very fertile period, so be sure to get what's yours while the getting is good.

Your physical, medical, and mental health will all hold steady throughout the month of March, especially when it comes to weight and diet. Just keep doing what you're doing, and the gains you've made in that area will continue apace. A coworker will attempt to lure you into changing your routine. Resist the temptation to take the evidently easier path, as this is a false route that will not do you justice in the long run. The sun enters the house of Aries and Vesta enters the house of Gemini on the 19th and 21st respectively. This bodes neither ill nor well for you overall, but your skin may be more sensitive to damage and potential long term problems. Judicious use of sunscreen, hats, and just general good sense will be enough to ward off any truly bad effects from this brief over-sensitivity. By the end of the month, Libra, you should be able to get back out and enjoy your fun in the sun.

Overall, the month of March, and indeed this entire spring period of 2020, offers some exciting prospects for you Libra, but don't expect any revolutions in your life or any overnight cures for persistent, nagging problems in your life. Stay the course and watch things improve gradually, but do jump at financial opportunities that may present themselves. Communicate openly and honestly with your romantic partner, colleagues, and family members and March will be a calm and joyful period upon which you can build a calm and joyful year.

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