March 2020 Horoscope Taurus

March 2020 Horoscope Taurus

March 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

Prepare for March of 2020 to be a time of misunderstanding and even upheaval for you, Taurus. The early Mercury retrograde combined with a strong new moon at the end of the month might be the combination of celestial forces that will knock your life into a new orbit once and for all. Grinning through the pain of transition will test your mettle, but as a strong and earthy Tauran, you are more than up to the task ahead. You will need to be on your best behavior throughout the month, especially when things start to feel as thought they're calming down in a mid-month lull. Don't fall prey to complacency.

Be especially aware during the beginning of the month as Mercury will be in retrograde. Any communication around that time is liable to be misunderstood and the chances for conflict and hurt feelings will be very high indeed. Around this same time, Venus will be entering into your solar house, affording great advantage to you in the arenas of romance and finance. Proceed with caution though as any knew forays in these areas carry the same inherent risk that Mercury in retrograde presages. If you have anything important to say to a loved one or colleague, make sure you do it face to face as written messages will very likely be garbled. Eye contact will be your best friend during the risky time of the month. If you are your usual level-headed self you will have no problems and may even find yourself quite successful in love and money.

March is not the right time for you to pursue any medical diagnosis or procedure. Look out for sensitivity in your digestive tract and your eyes and ears. These areas will be especially vulnerable during the month and maybe a source of discomfort. Be gentle to them and treat them with care.

Your essential nature as a person who desires acceptance may make you contemplate joining in with a group that you're not totally sure of. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing in the social realm and stick with the people you know well. This is a tumultuous month, celestially speaking, and it isn't the right time to go casting about for acceptance and warmth with a new cohort. Old friends are good friends.

Don't let communications with family fall by the wayside this month. Reach out to relatives you haven't talked to in a while. Again, face to face communications in this venture are key. Don't take anything for granted when it comes to interpersonal matters during March, Taurus. Your tendency toward jealousy and over-attachment will hamstring what should be straight-ahead matters. Make every effort to be accepting of what rolls your way in the family realm and remember that these people love you.

A quick succession of celestial events between the 19th and the 23rd foretell a moment of opportunity for you to acquire and wield new power in your intellectual pursuits. Look for opportunities to learn and grow. The end of the month, anytime after the 19th, will be a great time to take up a new hobby or start a new creative project. Think especially about how music is involved in your life and how the musicians and music lovers around you can be beneficial in other areas for you. The watchword for the end of the month is "youth," both bodily and spiritually. The spring is the perfect time to renew old ways of being and thinking of the traditions of your forbearers.

The very terminus of March is a time to be wary of sloth creeping into your lifestyle. Try to engage in vigorous exercise until the month rolls over into April, and don't let up until Mars enters Aquarius on the 30th. At this time pay special attention to Aquarians in your life as the Martian influence may make them more irritable and combative than usual. If you keep your body strong in this period then your mind and soul will follow suit.

Overall, March of 2020 will be a time of opportunity for you as old entrenched patterns are overlaid with new avenues and new ways of thinking. Care must be taken to avoid miscommunication. Also, your body will vulnerable to sickness and laziness, so your utmost efforts must be expended to avoid letting things get out of hand. If you tap into your firm-rootedness and even-handed nature you should enjoy success in the romantic and financial realm. Keep up with your bad habits and don't let yourself blow up a family relationship with petty jealousy. If you follow this advice you should be able to get Spring off to a great start.

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