May 2020 Horoscope Gemini

May 2020 Horoscope Gemini

May 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

Every day, we move closer and closer to the Gemini season! This month, the energy is familiar. In fact, four planets travel through your sign this May – Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and the New Moon. With all this attention on your first house of Self, you are embarking on an important quest. You won’t be satisfied until you answer every question zipping through your mind. In the early days of May, you may still be feeling in low spirits. This is thanks to Pluto going retrograde late April and will continue for a few more months. Although your health and work may require a little more TLC in May, there’s no reason you can’t have things your way! You’ll want to keep distractions to a minimum and exercise financial caution, but you’ll be feeling more like yourself than ever. This month is about learning to take care of your star player – you!

The month kicks off when the True Node enters your own sign. With this significant shift, it will be important to exercise flexibility around preconceived plans. This is all about remaining open to being led in a new direction. You can’t very well travel to a new destination by walking the same path! Luckily for you, this is a month where you know exactly what you want. You won’t let anyone take you down or distract you from your goals. Just don’t lose your footing in the face of adversity. With the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th, your psychic subterranean roots are emphasized. You’ll see the full effects of remaining stagnant in one spot this week. After analyzing this, you'll be able to purge anything that’s hindering your movement forward into the second half of the month.

On May 7th, you glisten under the influence of a powerful Scorpio super Full Moon. This transformative energy radically improves your sixth house of health and service. You’re likely to find help and good company in places where you least expect it.

When it comes to your job prospects, you may need to watch for opportunities a little more closely. Avoid making any major health or work changes if you can so you can study your options a bit more. This is especially true when Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius on the 11th. There is a silver lining to this day though as it marks the passage of Mercury into your ruling sign. Your words are empowered at this time, so use them wisely to get the results you want.

Mars enters dreamy Pisces on May 13, the same day Venus stations retrograde in your sign. You’ve got large dreams and fantasies about love and romance, but now is not the time to rush anything. Thanks to the retrograde of Jupiter in Capricorn on the 14th, your love life will slow down. But that’s no problem for you! You’ve got other interests to explore right now. Enjoy the flirtatious energy of this month but try to hold out until the end of June before confessing your deeper feelings.

The last half of the month is extremely powerful for you, dear Gemini. When the Sun enters your sign on the 20th, you’re quite the social butterfly. There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to putting a new spin on your outlook. You’re probably inclined to change your appearance now too, and the New Moon on the 22nd (also in your sing) presents to perfect opportunity for a change.

Additionally, your first house of self is superpowered the last week of May. From about the 20th onwards, the focus is on you stronger than it will be again this year. Luckily for you, the planetary alignment supports you in your pursuit of happiness. Where love presents delays, a desire to find out more about yourself drives you forward. You would do well to invest in education or any activities that foster your sociable, intellectual side. Your ability to explain complicated concepts is as strengthened as your ability to grasp them in the first place.

When Mercury moves into Cancer and your second house on the 28th, your emotional needs are pronounced. You can easily feel exactly what you want and need to feel secure. Now the only question is: how will you get it?

May presents itself as the perfect time to get your body, mind, and spirit in tip-top shape. With the activity in your first and sixth houses, your money and attractiveness soar. You’ll want to keep an eye out for opportunities to showcase your creativity and wit, especially as the month progresses. Deservedly, you’ll notice your charm and charisma is unrivaled, making it that much easier to get everything you want. Take your time this month! Things are happening for you just beneath the surface, so enjoy the conversation in the meantime.

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