May 2020 Horoscope Scorpio

May 2020 Horoscope Scorpio

May 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

May brings all you could ever desire, Scorpio. Whether you're looking for love, happiness, or professional success, you're sure to find it now. To start off the month, we have a beautiful supermoon Full Moon in your own sign. This magnifies your power in ways you haven’t experienced all year. But can you trust yourself enough to take a chance? The answer to that question will make or break your ventures in May. Of course, you’ve always been inclined toward the exotic and the unknown. You naturally have no trouble going “beyond.”

On top of all the excitement and busyness of your social life this month, you’re likely to find prosperity through others. You might seem more dependent these days, but there's no need to worry. In fact, your heightened magnetism ensures a romantic peak around the 7th. Indeed, your newfound willingness to cooperate with others brings you harmony and passion. Although you won’t see much activity in career matters, you have all the power in every aspect of life after the 20th. With the hotbed of activity in your domicile eighth house, recognition and success will come to you no matter your focus. Prepare for the best month you’ve had all year!

Despite the flow of prosperity coming your way, you’re indecisive about which route to take. This is due to the retrograde of your ruling planet Pluto which began last week. Unfortunately, this indecision is likely to persist throughout the next few months. You can find comfort and clarity by reassessing your personal goals. This is the time to do what you do best – diving inward. Especially after the 20th, you’re undergoing a serious personal transformation. If you are so inclined, you can harness this reinvention to declutter your emotional body.

With Venus the planet of love out of bounds all of April and May, your quest for love is leading you into uncharted territory. This month signals a quest for deep spiritual and emotional connections. You won’t be satisfied until you scratch the itch for answers beyond what you know. Despite your recent drop in self-confidence, you’re coming more and more into your own. This is a time where connecting with others is paramount. Don’t let your fear of being betrayed or misunderstood keep you from putting yourself out there. That being said, it’s best to avoid making major love commitments right now. That’s especially true after the 13th when Mars enters idealistic Pisces. This month in love challenges you to avoid putting others’ needs ahead of your own and to approach romance in an unassuming way.

On May 11, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius and your fourth house. Family members will be testing your boundaries for the next few months. For the most part, you're unbothered because of Mercury entering your ruling house. Still, there is a likelihood of a serious disagreement with an elder or older family member. This could dim your spirits considerably. It’s very possible you could find yourself running your mouth a bit more than usual about personal matters because of this.

If you can exercise a little self-control, it would be best to save any criticism or important conversations until after the New Moon on the 22nd. Refuse to lose your cool, and don’t let lower vibrations drag you into any sort of confrontation. Once that cycle begins in your eighth house, you’ll have the power and spiritual depth to weather and calm even the worst domestic storms.

From the 5th to the 13th, you’re more likely to let others have their way – as long as their agenda doesn’t get in the way of your own. No, you’re far too busy with spiritual therapies and getting out by the water to worry about ruling your empire. Take all the time you need to purify your mind, Scorpio. You’ll want to be clearheaded and resolute when you start your new emotional cycle on the 22nd.

If you’re a writer, poet, or another student of the arts, you’re likely to find several travel opportunities at this time. Even if you’re not planning a large vacation, you would do well to spend a quiet evening by the lake, beach, or other bodies of water. If that’s not feasible, rest easy with a solitary bath. Light your candles and turn the lights down low. The psychological benefits will astound you now.

This is a time to trust fully in your own personal power. Although early May could drag on a bit, try not to be too impatient. You need this time to iron out your long-term plans. Your health is fantastic all month, especially after the 21st. Where love is concerned, no one can resist you this month! As long as you respond from your heart, the Universe will bless you with all you desire. Prepare to come home to yourself, Scorpio.

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