May 2020 Horoscope Virgo

May 2020 Horoscope Virgo

May 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

May brings major changes and spiritual evolution for you, Virgo. But to make space for this growth, the Universe is asking you to let go of your need for perfection. The auspicious energy in your mental houses heightens your ability to process and analyze information. With True Node, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun entering changeable Gemini, your wit moves at lightning speed. It may seem like everyone else is playing catch-up. That's not to say you escape all delays and complications, though. Family matters in a particular attempt to slow you down. But you thrive this month when it comes to professional responsibilities and elevation. This rapid external success attracts others who look up to you and appreciate your precise skills. In fact, your boss may encourage you to connect with a cause, group, or community this month. Odds are, you'll even find yourself traveling to a foreign environment. Pack your bags around the 20th and expect the best as a reward for all your detailed work.

These changes could have you feeling a bit out of step with routine, but that's not a bad thing this month. You are sure to find fortune if you can embrace the “unknown” instead of focusing on your meticulous plan. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say! If you're ready to face your fears, the Full Moon in your third house on the 7th kicks off May with a perfect opportunity. Declutter your emotional body and make room for all the blessings coming your way.

With so much activity in the upper half of your chart the past couple of months, your focus has been on “outside” events. You find yourself involved even in matters that don't personally affect you. Luckily, your attention to the fine details of your job becomes highlighted in May. Are you aiming for a promotion? Keep an eye out for opportunities to climb the ladder, particularly from the 20th onwards! Although, you may want to bring up the idea of a raise even earlier. Anytime between the 12th and the 29th is favorable, while Mercury is zipping through your 10th house of career.

May makes for fortunate educational endeavors, especially about technical or digital fields. Because of your heightened mental faculties now, you can find success working with computers, electronics, and statistics. You always manage to be resourceful, and that becomes clear on the 22nd when you impress the best with your quick learning.

This month, you’re taking a more partnered approach than a romantic one. There’s nothing wrong with that! But remember to show your appreciation for your partner in practical ways. A thoughtful gift would be particularly well-received on the 13th. This is when Mars enters your 7th house of relationships. For the rest of the month, your romantic life may take a backseat to less love-centered endeavors. Despite your inattention, your partnerships gain momentum in May.

In family and home matters, you’re likely to find others have been a bit reckless. You’re usually more than happy to help fix things, but your schedule is jam-packed these days. As a result, prepare for confrontational energy from elders and children in your family. Relatives feel entitled to your help and don't take it well when you aren’t available to help clean up the mess. Why do they always expect you to sacrifice your own agenda the moment they need help? The dependency of those closest to you could feel suffocating now. Keep in mind it’s not your responsibility to take care of everyone, Virgo! In fact, saying “no” is necessary magic this month, even if it disrupts the harmony you’ve worked so hard to establish. Trust that domestic problems will mellow out by the 29th.

Financially the scene is a bit complicated. With Venus retrograde from the 13th through the rest of the month, you’ll want to take care of any large investments or major purchases the first two weeks of the month. We have 40% of the planets in retrograde before the end of May, so you’ll want to refrain from gambling. That goes for any other high-risk activities involving money too. For the time being, the stars do not favor new investments or monetary enterprises. It’s best to shelve these ideas until external influences die down. While you wait for more clarity around financial matters, you can enjoy the focus on your achievements.

You won’t have to play the waiting game in all areas of life, though. Yes, you’ll be biding your time when it comes to finances and love, but this is creating space for professional notability and notoriety. May is a month to re-evaluate and remain flexible with long-term goals. This is true for all of us, but especially for you, Virgo. If you can, schedule some time to jot down your aspirations amidst your travels and newfound popularity. It’s time for you to imagine what being on top of the world means to you. Open your arms as the Universe fulfills even your most far-fetched dreams!

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