November 2020 Horoscope Capricorn

November 2020 Horoscope Capricorn

November 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

Your most well-intentioned self-advancement plans may have been getting tangled up these past three weeks or so, but the tide is turning, and you’ll soon find it much easier to adjust your sails. With Mercury retrograde finally ending on the 3rd, your tenth house of career, achievements, and public reputation gets a little clearer for the rest of the year. This clarity helps you correct any misconceptions the world has about you, and you’re finally able to prove your authority on multiple subjects – something that will act as a lifeboat in this last chunk of the year.

Of course, work and status aren’t everything. You find this especially true after the 9th when Ceres enters Pisces and your third house of perception. Throughout the rest of 2020, you can find nourishment from the Earth Mother asteroid by using your words to nurture your siblings, neighbors, and even your environment.

The more you pay attention to friends and other groups, the more you’ll learn. After the 10th, Mercury is zipping through Scorpio and your eleventh house to spark some animated conversations.

This could also be a time where you take many short trips and sudden flashes of intuition. The way you’re thinking maybe a little different over the next few weeks, but it’s much more original and innovative during this transit. Working with technology and networking is favored right now.

For the third time this year, Jupiter and Pluto make a conjunction in your own sign and your first house. Yes, although these planets have already been pushing you to change your approach to life and how you present yourself, November 12th is an important reminder of this. Your physical appearance, how you present yourself to the world, your attitude, and even your idea of your own identity – it’s all being expanded and magnified right now to grab your attention.

Although this meetup between Jupiter and Pluto is sure to be intense and explosive, this catalyst gifts you the kickstart you need to start making the necessary changes. This isn’t a time to think small. Take stock of yourself and redefine what you need in order to put your best foot forward.

The past few months may have been giving you the runaround when it came to feeling grounded and at home, but you’re finally settling into your castle once Mars stations direct in Aries on the 13th. This activates your fourth house and your sector of home and family, so you’ll want to spend some time getting in touch with what’s important for you to feel safe and secure. Draw upon your inherited strengths and the support system you were born into; you’ll be unstoppable with this in mind.

Your eleventh house was already activated earlier this month, but this sector of networking, group activities, and hopes/dreams is highlighted again on the 15th. With a Scorpio New Moon here, you should turn your attention to making broad contacts in the social or professional sphere.

This is about researching and exposing your role within the group, probably as a leader or a strong pillar.

Venus too enters this eleventh house sector on the 21st to make you even more friendly and accommodating of others. Although this might initially sound like a good time to throw a party, the Sun enters your twelfth house of retreat on the same day.

Over the next month or so, it’s important to practice regeneration and the release of any unnecessary attachments, whether those be attachments to people, things, routines, or anything else.

You’ll want to make sure you get plenty of rest, and you shouldn’t pressure yourself into pushing ahead with any new endeavors. Instead, take this pause to recharge your batteries and practice reflection.

This alone time reaps some benefits for you as soon as the 28th as this is when Neptune stations direct in Pisces and your third house. Now you can really rely on your intuition even if it means skimming over a couple of the details. You’re more likely to be unreliable right now, at least as far as others are concerned. That’s okay though; sometimes being there for yourself is more important than making yourself available to others 24/7.

That being said, it’s easy to speak in an inspiring manner right now, so it wouldn’t hurt to share some of your poetic words with the right audience.

As the full moon lunar eclipse culminates in Gemini on the 30th, anything you’ve been neglecting about wellbeing or work is likely to come up. It’s best not to be too obsessive or anxious about the issues that are cropping up right now; rather, you should focus on maintaining your health in a mental and physical sense.

You’re heading into December with brand new eyes and seeing everything much clearer than before, especially the path ahead of you.

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