November 2020 Horoscope Gemini

November 2020 Horoscope Gemini

November 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

November starts off great for you, Gemini, with your ruling planet stationing direct on the 3rd. That’s right; the infamous Mercury retrograde is now over, and your ruler is getting ready to zip forward through fellow air sign Libra.

Mercury doesn’t spend much time in the sign of balance this month, but you can still enjoy the extra bit of air energy after the changeability and shifting focus of the past couple weeks. It seems you have finally identified your distractions, and you’ve uncovered a whole new level of clarity.

Things are a little out of the ordinary after the 9th when Ceres enters Pisces and your tenth house. With the Earth Mother asteroid in your public sector, your coworkers and colleagues and even bosses are coming to you for reassurance and nurturing. Don’t let you knock this off-kilter if you can help it; use your charm and value to your advantage while sharing what you have to give.

On the 10th, your ruling planet makes its second shift of the month into Scorpio and your sixth house of work and wellness. This is a fantastic transit for picking up a few new skills and working your magic on your status at work.

You do need to be careful about your criticisms and dismissive capabilities over the next few weeks as you’re more likely to say something you didn’t intend to simply because your health feels a bit off.

No matter how hard you might have pushed over the past two months, you probably felt like you just couldn’t rally the support you needed. Thankfully, Mars the planet of action stations direct on the 13th to boost your social life. The red planet travels through fiery Aries and your eleventh house of friend groups and networking, giving a rallying cry to your support system, so you can expect your troops will have your back from here on out.

Around the 15th, hobbies just won’t cut it. Instead, you desire to use your creative efforts for the higher good of humanity – an intention that paves the way for the new moon in Scorpio’s fresh beginning. Set aside some time to explore ways you could make your art useful. You might be surprised at the combinations you find, and any effort is bound to lead you closer to everyday fulfillment.

Venus enters Scorpio and your sixth house of work and service on the 21st, ensuring you enjoy more appreciation than normal, especially in the workplace. Whenever you can over the next few weeks, exercise your creative muscles in your approach to work tasks. Your mental dexterity is sure to catch someone’s eyes, whether those eyes belong to a boss or potential romantic interest or someone working behind the scenes.

If we’re talking realistically, all eyes are on you throughout the end of the month and even into December. The good news is that you should be able to find some privacy, but prepare to be a hot topic in the public sphere whether you ask for it or not.

The Sun is shining in Sagittarius and your seventh house after the 21st. While this fire burns in your sector of one-on-one partnerships over the next month, your personal relationships are warm and cozy. Appreciation and recognition are being served to your left and right from people in your intimate life and people in authority positions. Just don’t forget to return the favor if you really want to harness the fortune available to you.

This is a good time to seek political or legal opportunities as your seniors will be rooting for you at the same time luck is smiling on you.

On the 28th, Neptune stations direct in Pisces to fuel your tenth house dreams and fantasies. This is the domain of career, public status, reputation, and lifetime achievements, but with the spiritual touch of Neptune and Pisces, your ideals reach far beyond the material.

You might even find that throughout the rest of the year, you can’t manage to relate to supervisors or authority figures as they don’t share the same faith in your dreams.

Don’t let the lack of support stop you from letting your intuition guide you to what you want from life professionally. Right now is a great time to explore your more creative and spiritual sides if you haven’t been already.

November ends with a full moon in your own sign and your first house on the 30th. With such a powerful culmination in your sector of self, you might encounter an emotional ending associated with your identity, your body, or how you present yourself to others. Endings aren’t always bad though; in fact, they always create space for something new to enter.

Whatever you’re finalizing or finishing up, whether it’s your wardrobe or your public behavior or your habits, tie up all the loose ends and prepare to glide in December.

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