November 2020 Horoscope Sagittarius

November 2020 Horoscope Sagittarius

November 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

November starts off on a good foot for you, Sagittarius, although it’s not long before the energy gets intense. All the tension is leading up to a shadowy full moon lunar eclipse opposite your sign at the end of the month.

However, there’s nothing to fear about the intense energy. On the contrary, lean into it.

Mercury stations direct on November 3rd, ending weeks of tumultuous retrograde activity. This restores some Libra balance to your eleventh house of friends and social networks. Yes, the last few weeks have been frustrating and full of delays, but now it’s time to laser in and point your arrow with the new perspective you’re seeing from.

Your mental strengths are undeniable over the course of the month; you’re inclined to share your profound thoughts with your peers. Explore the balance between speaking and listening.

Around the 9th, you might even find that your silence gives you the space to traverse the waters of the deeper conversation. This is especially true in home settings as the asteroid Ceres enters spiritual Pisces and your fourth house. If you can, embody your role as a beacon of hope and nurture your love for long trips. Travel of any sort, either physical or mental, will feed your feeling of fullness.

Looking inwards is the path to take after the 10th when Mercury enters Scorpio and your twelfth house. The 12H sometimes gets a bad rap, but this is the perfect domain for exploring the skeletons in your own closet. Most of the time, they turn out to be not as scary as they first seemed.

If you were in denial about anything before, it’s sure to come up during Mercury in Scorpio. Your perspective is shifting as is your awareness of the subconscious energies at work.

Meditation is an important key to unlocking the information you need over the next few weeks.

The extreme is magnified on the 12th when your ruling planet Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and your second house. More than anything, you’re aching for significance in every ounce of your time. Lifechanging personal growth could be underway if you don’t go overboard with the chaotic risk-taking you’re normally so fond of.

This Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in your house of value and comfort also conjuncts the asteroid Pallas. She symbolizes warfare and courage but also strategy, wisdom, and skill. For you, there’s a gift of being able to recognize patterns and knowing how to wield your creative intelligence to respond.

Where creative efforts may have run dry the past couple of months, November 13th changes things for the rest of the year. Mars the planet of action stations direct on this day in your fifth house.

Energies that felt blocked or bogged down once again begin to move forward, and it’s much easier to trust your heart than it was before. As they try, go with the flow, and show some special attention to your playful and romantic sides. The more you can embrace your inner child and independence right now, the wealthier and more abundant your surroundings will become.

Around the 15th, it may be time to let go of something so you can retreat and charge your batteries. When the new moon culminates in Scorpio and your twelfth house, isolation provides a certain comfort that satisfies the urge to secure some peace of mind.

It’s the perfect time to do some soul-searching and meditation.

These private endeavors are the way to go after the 21st as Venus will be traveling through Scorpio and your twelfth house. This sector of your chart has been activated consistently throughout the month, but the planet of love makes this time even more important.

It’s possible you could begin a secret relationship at this time, or you may find yourself spending some time at a hospital or prison. Simultaneously, you’re finding pleasure in the mysterious realm of the metaphysical, and you’re given a unique opportunity to make peace with the past.

After the 21st, the Sun is happily illuminating your own sign and your first house. Because of this, the next few weeks will concern your personal identity, appearance, and self-expression. Solar returns like this normally recharge your sense of vitality, so it’s a great transit to brave something brand new or to do some pioneering. Overall, the most important thing is to be courageous and direct while avoiding being self-centered.

Neptune stations direct on the 28th in Pisces and your fourth house of family and home to add another spiritual touch to your domestic life. Watch out for carrying a noncommittal attitude that leaves others’ patience wearing thin. Not letting yourself get “tied down” is a form of being tied down.

In fact, you’ll really be asked to come to terms with working with others as the month ends. Under the full moon lunar eclipse in your opposite sign Gemini, you essentially have to see things from the other perspective. Luckily, all that you learn will come in handy as you navigate through December.

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