October 2020 Horoscope Sagittarius

October 2020 Horoscope Sagittarius

October 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

You’re riding on the wings of some powerful personal energy that lifted you out of the pits of last month, but you’ll be challenged to maintain your altitude in October. Perhaps most notably, Mercury Retrograde makes a mid-month mess of your twelfth house before later throwing delays and detours at your eleventh house. There will be plenty of harmonious energy activating these sectors for you too though which will help you balance your new perspective with a new value system and communication style to match.

Before everything hits the fan, an Aries Full Moon on the 1st charges your fifth house of creativity and romance with a spontaneous fun-loving spotlight. With all the tension you dealt with last month, you’d do well to watch your temper now. After all, this fellow fire sign isn’t known for being impatient and neither are you.

Take a lighthearted, enthusiastic approach even though you might sense the roadblocks ahead. There’s nothing wrong with living life to the fullest every moment you can; you know that better than anyone!

All month making a positive impact in the public sphere is on your mind. Health is looking good as is a career, thanks to the ingress of Venus into Virgo on the 2nd. The planet of love will add undeniable charm to your tenth house of career, reputation, and social standing for almost the entire rest of October, so don’t be surprised when prominent business figures or political characters gravitate toward you. Use this natural attraction to your advantage and boost your name.

When Pluto starts moving forward on the 4th after five long months of retrograde, finances are prosperous and intensely powered. This planet’s direct station in your second house of self-esteem, earned income, and value means clarity around what matters to you is on the way. Think of this as a reward for your consistent conservative approaches to money lately.

The rest of the month is far from sunshine and daisies despite so much beneficial energy concentrated on your career and creativity. From October 13th through the next three weeks, infamous Mercury Retrograde throws your twelfth house for a loop.

To be honest, this can be a frustrating feeling of waiting for something to come together but with no ideas about what the missing puzzle piece looks like. This transit is known for the confusion and chaos it causes, so preparing yourself for murky waters is a good idea. Just because you can’t see the seeds you planted growing beneath the surface doesn’t mean your work isn’t blossoming. This is just a temporary pause to get you out of the habit of making assumptions based on past experiences.

You might not feel like spending time with friends with such a fog around your thoughts and subconscious desires, but putting your focus on someone else could help to clear any anxiety.

Particularly around the 16th, think about celebrating the Libra New Moon with your network of friends. This lunation always kicks off a brand-new cycle, so it might be worthwhile to join a group or two of people with similar interests. This will align you with your more humanitarian goals and social aspirations for sure, and that helps you to feel in synch even with the retrograde looming overhead.

The retreat will be on your mind after the 22nd while the Sun transits Scorpio and your twelfth house. This is not a good time to start a project, but it is perfect for re-evaluating your attachments and routines.

Your dreams, self-reflection, and making sense of past cycles are all important to you over the next month, so relax and recharge your batteries by letting go of anything you feel you’ve outgrown.

What you might end up letting go is a disappointing friendship or a group that just doesn’t vibe with you anymore. Retrograde Mercury backtracks into Libra on the 27th to review your eleventh house, so you’re going to find out who your real friends are one way or another. The reason behind choosing to let go isn’t nearly as important as your attention to the true connections you have left.

Also on the 27th, Venus enters your Libra eleventh house. You’re craving companionship with someone who shares your vision and believes in fighting for the same causes, but take care not to rush into a new relationship. At the very least, hold your horses until Mercury stations direct next month. If you do that, you can be sure to cut down on any potential miscommunications.

Finally, on Halloween, October makes its last stand with a Full Moon in Taurus and your sixth house of wellbeing. This shows the ground beneath your feet for all it is so you can take the observation and adjust your daily habits. All in all, you’re moving into November with a growing appreciation for your personal happiness and what maintaining that entails.

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