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February 2021 Leo Horoscope

Fun-loving, generous Leo, February 2021 will bring a good deal of focus to your relationships in all areas of life. In addition, some activity will take place in your 8th House, calling attention to your spiritual security and mystical matters. We will also talk briefly about your 10th House in steady Taurus and the Full Moon that will hit in your 2nd House, relating to the material things that are yours.

The month opens with many players in the sign of Aquarius, in your 7th House. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all occupy the 7th House for a while, aligning your sense of self, mind, and passion. You will likely take a progressive stance toward your intimate partnerships, business partnerships, and more. If there is anyone you are pursuing goals with, now is the time to rehash those goals and give them the future-oriented focus they need. Take advantage of Aquarius’ intellectual gifts and put a fresh spin on the things you’ve been pursuing in partnership with another person. Use your natural charm, the way only a Leo can, to facilitate these partnerships and goals.

Maybe you and your significant other have been thinking about tying the knot, but you need to get creative to have the ceremony. Perhaps you have been working on a business plan with your coworker or boss, but you just haven’t put it into action yet. With so many planets stationed in your 7th House, this might be the perfect time to act on some of these plans.

Remember that Mercury is in retrograde until February 21st, so you don’t want to enter into anything too complicated in the realm of communication. In addition, on February 1st, the Sun squares Mars, which will make us all more likely to take risks.

In relation to your career, Mars will be in Taurus in your 10th House for the entirety of February. Things might feel like they are moving slowly, however, Mars in Taurus offers great staying power. If you are comfortable in your career, put your head down and stay the course.

Even though you are always one to take the lead, and not likely to shirk away from your responsibilities, you will feel an extra pull to be responsible in your relationships on February 6th when Venus conjuncts Saturn.

February 7th, 8th, and 10th bring somewhat difficult aspects to the fore. Venus will square Uranus, making us unwise in love, the Sun will conjunct Mercury, causing us to become stuck in our opinions, and Mercury will square Mars, making us upset and likely to lash out.

On February 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius will land in your 7th House, Leo. This will give you the opportunity for a new start and a fresh perspective on your partnerships at home, at work, and everywhere else. Shared goals will also get a restart. If you have been having difficulties or simply need to start over in any of these areas, this new moon is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean. Use Aquarius’ influence to put the focus on the future, and work on improving things rather than dwelling on the past.

Also on February 11th, Venus conjuncts Jupiter, giving you a boost of popularity and attractiveness. This is something you don’t really need help with Leo, but it is a wonderful addition to your natural gifts.

Continuing in the same vein, Mercury conjuncts Venus on February 13th, helping to balance intellectual and artistic communication.

On February 14th, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter and Mars will sextile Neptune, adding to your natural generosity, creativity, and optimism.

On February 18th, Pisces season officially begins when the Sun enters your 8th House. This will be a good time for you to be introspective around matters of life, death, and spirituality. Let your mind wander to the more mystical side of life.

On February 19th, Venus squares Mars, making relationships and passion more complicated and difficult.

Mercury starts moving direct on February 21st. Any short trips or matters of communication that you put off should go more smoothly now.

On February 25th, the aspects will give you a boost of Leo-ness. The Sun will sextile Uranus and Mars will trine Pluto, making leadership feel natural and facilitating serendipitous thoughts. In addition, you will feel brave, confident, and energetic. Indeed, these aspects will help you bring out the best in yourself.

Also on February 25th, Venus enters Pisces in your 8th House. This will be a good time to think deeply about how your partnerships, whether they are an intimate relationship or otherwise, impact your spiritual wellbeing. With Pisces and the 8th House together, this is a wonderful time to be introspective about matters of beauty and passion in relation to life, death, and spirituality.

The Full Moon in Virgo in your 2nd House will bring your focus around to your material possessions and money. However, because it falls in the sign of Virgo, you will likely take a detail-oriented approach to the things you own. For example, you might reorganize your space or take a minimalistic approach to the things you actually need. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel the need to get rid of excess clutter or things that are bogging you down. Perhaps you will create a budget. Use Virgo’s organizational prowess to help you in this area. You might feel like you have to do all of this perfectly, but you don’t! Anything that makes your space a little more comfortable, or helps you feel more in control of your finances is worth it. Also, don’t shy away from putting your own fun-loving twist on this.

Overall, this will be a good month for you to pursue long-term career plans, take a progressive look at your partnerships, think about your spiritual life, and delve into mystical subjects.

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