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Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

January 2021 Cancer Horoscope

Dear Cancer, things are looking good for you this month. Your mind might be preoccupied with spiritual, transformative thoughts, but your love life is due for some good times. In addition, you’ll begin taking control of your finances at the end of the month. Things might be a little slow when it comes to pursuing your wishes and dreams, but take heart, this will pass soon and you’ll be right back on track.

On January 6th, Mars enters Taurus in your solar 11th House. You might find that you and your friends are not getting along as easily or perhaps you just haven’t seen anyone in a while. Mars is somewhat plodding in the sign of Taurus, so this is par for the course. Resist the urge to spend large amounts of money trying to remedy this. Mars in Taurus can lead us to have luxurious tastes.

If you’re feeling tired or bogged down, remember to take care of yourself and give yourself space to express your emotions.

Mercury will enter Aquarius in your solar 8th House on January 8th. With Aquarius’ influence, you might find your thoughts are unusual and eccentric when it comes to spirituality and matters of transformation.

You might find your mind straying to thoughts of ancestors or inheritance. Perhaps you are preoccupied with birth or death. In either case, Aquarius will help you look at these topics in a new light.

Venus enters Capricorn at the same time Mercury entered Aquarius. It will fall in your solar 7th House. With the lovely influence of Venus paired up with the seriousness and dedication of Capricorn, you are in the perfect position to show your partner how much they mean to you. Show off your loyalty to your loved ones and it will be taken well.

Do make sure that, if you are rejected in some area of life, you don’t become overly distant and cold. You don’t need outside approval to be lovable.

With the New Moon, your ruling luminary, in Capricorn on January 13th, you will have the opportunity to start something new and see your hard work yield results. Falling in your solar 7th House, your efforts should revolve around partnerships, whether in love or business.

Take advantage of this auspicious Moon and enjoy the power it lends you. With Capricorn’s influence, it will ask you to look at things more realistically than you have in the past. Be open to what you find out.

The Sun enters Aquarius in your solar 8th House on January 19th. Enjoy this period of innovation and fresh perspectives. With your focus on your spirituality and things generally unseen on earth, you might find yourself drifting off in thought. Go with the flow and see if you can’t find a fresh way to look at society and yourself. Aquarius’ intellectual, an idealistic way will help you redefine your spiritual endeavors and look at matters of life and death in a fresh way.

The Full Moon in Leo falls on January 28th and is in your solar 2nd House. With your ruling luminary combining with powerful Leo, this is a great time to take control of your money and financial prospects. Leo will help you remember that you are the one in charge of what you make and how you make it. Use this courage and confidence to reach out for what you want.

In addition, Leo will lend its joyful, creative nature to this endeavor, so you might find a new, enjoyable way to earn money.

Overall, this month will help you make sense of spiritual matters, get your finances on track, and truly impress your partners in love and business. Take advantage of the month’s good qualities and don’t worry if Mars in your 11th House seems to be slowing you down. It will move on soon!

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