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January 2021 Leo Horoscope

The end of the month looks particularly fun for you, Leo. During the beginning of January, you might feel a little swamped with work and the way other people view you. You’ll be bolstered by a fresh perspective in matters of love and partnership. Also, your work and health will likely be in a good place throughout the month.

Hold out during some of the more challenging aspects with your ruling luminary, the Sun, and you will have a great month. Tap into your natural charm and fun-loving personality.

On January 6th, Mars will enter Taurus in your solar 10th House. This will lead to a steadiness that will allow you to reach your goals in matters of career. Even though Mars in Taurus is steady, it can also make you feel like you’re moving too slow. If this happens, try to remember that this placement of Mars will pass.

With a penchant for luxury, you’ll want to watch your spending (especially if you feel like it will help your career or the way other people view you) while Mars is in Taurus.

Take advantage of this time to lay the groundwork for a good reputation with those you work with and with people you know in public.

The Sun will sextile Neptune on January 8th, providing you with a burst of creative, imaginative energy. Enjoy this little pocket of inspiration.

Mercury will enter Aquarius on January 8th in your solar 7th House, bringing with it a fresh new look at matters of partnership and marriage. You might find yourself looking for truth, searching curiously for something new, and being able to judge the intentions of others quite well during this time.

If you have a sudden idea on a way to approach your relationships in a new way, go with it. Aquarius has your back.

Venus enters Capricorn on January 8th in your solar 6th House. With the influence of Venus and Capricorn together, you can expect to come off as loving and serious in realms of work and service. Channel your dedication and love for what you do and you will be rewarded during this time. With this influence in your 6th House, you will be able to accomplish things diplomatically and determinedly.

On January 13th, the New Moon in Capricorn falls in your solar 6th House. This New Moon opens up the door for you to start things over in areas of your daily work or service. You will also feel refreshed in terms of your health. Perhaps you have a new exercise goal you want to pursue at this time. The New Moon in Capricorn is a good time to start the wheels in motion.

Set goals and look to the future in your work. Capricorn will keep you realistic, so you won’t need to worry about setting yourself up with a goal you can’t reach.

On January 14th you’ll have a little more help starting things over when the Sun conjuncts Pluto. Your confidence will get a boost from this aspect so go forward with ease.

On January 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius in your solar 7th House. This will provide you with a fresh perspective on your partnerships and how you fit into them. Perhaps your identity will feel different or you’ll have a new idea about how to express yourself. Open the doors to new ideas and you won’t be disappointed with Aquarius at work.

On January 23rd, the Sun will conjunct Saturn through the 24th. This will bring you a feeling of purpose. It might set you on a serious new path. Take advantage of these powerful planets working together.

On January 26th and 27th, you might feel a little unsettled with Sun square Uranus, but on January 28th, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter. This will let you look at things with a more refined, humorous air.

Also on the 28th, the Full Moon in Leo will fall in your solar 1st House. This is a wonderful opportunity to find balance and comfort with yourself. Remember that you are in charge of you! No one else can tell you who you are. Don’t forget to find the fun and joy that leads to creativity during this Full Moon.

On January 30th and 31st, the Sun will square Mars making us all somewhat grumpy and argumentative. Try to not take big risks.

On the 30th, Mercury will enter retrograde. Try to get your affairs in order before this so you don’t have to worry.

Despite a bumpy end to the month, January looks promising for you Leo. Take advantage of that Full Moon on the 28th to get back in touch with you are. Enjoy the opportunities presented this month to improve things at work and in your partnerships. Your future self will thank you!

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