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March 2021 Leo Horoscope

Dear Leo, you have an interesting month ahead. Pisces season will wind down with some heavy topics, but you’ll get to put your best foot forward when Aries season begins on March 20th. Generally, you will go from a more introspective place to a forward-looking, expansive place which better suits your outward-focused sign.

March begins with the Sun in Pisces in your solar 8th House. With Pisces influence here, you will likely be focused on debts, transformations having to do with life, death, and spiritual matters. Your focus will be decidedly otherworldly. Use Pisces’ influence to your advantage here. Imagination, compassion, and sensitivity toward these subjects will likely come naturally to you. You might be thinking about these topics in relation to your identity or sense of self since the Sun is positioned in this House.

Mercury starts the month in Aquarius in your solar 7th House. Original ideas, clever thinking, and eccentric trains of thought might center around partnerships such as marriage, business partners, or even frenemies. Use Aquarius intellectual gifts and Mercury’s communicative talents together to get creative in this area.

Venus is still in Pisces in your solar 8th House when the month begins. Your focus might be around money and possessions (especially those that are held in debt). You might be thinking about debts inherited from family or those you might pass down. Pisces’ influence will probably make your feelings around these issues hit a little harder. Sensitivity and introspection are supported by Pisces, combined with passionate Venus, you might be experiencing a lot of intense feelings around ancestors, debts, and matters of life and death.

Mars is in Taurus in your solar 10th House for only a few more days. Take this opportunity to use Taurus's single-minded dedication to get your plans laid out. With the focus in your 10th House, these plans likely have to do with your career or the way you are perceived by the public. This might be a time for you to gain possessions or physical items.

On March 4th, Mars enters Gemini in your solar 11th House. With your energy focused in the 11th House, you will likely be getting things done in relation to your friends, wishes, and dreams. In the sign of Gemini, your approach to 11th House matters is charming and charismatic. Sociable Gemini will help you be persuasive and influential in matters of communication, like speaking and writing, especially centered around 11th House things like friends.

The Sun will conjunct Neptune on March 11th. This good aspect involving your ruling luminary, the Sun, will provide a dose of artistry and creativity. Your taste will also be particularly good during this aspect. Now is the time to decorate your space, buy a new outfit, or choose a new hairstyle. Or just work on a fun art project!

The New Moon in Pisces hits in your solar 8th House. A New Moon is a time for new beginnings, and in this case, it will center around matters of ancestry, inheritance, debt, and more abstract considerations about the nature of life and death. Pisces’ influence will come with many benefits like sensitivity, a strong imagination, and compassion for yourself in these matters. However, you might also feel somewhat indecisive.

Mercury enters the inward-focused, compassionate sign of Pisces on March 15th in your solar 8th House. Now is the time to use your powers of intuition to address any and all issues related to debt, inheritance, ancestry, and matters of life and death. Perhaps your gut is telling you to focus on something in particular – go with it! Pisces has your back. In addition, your thoughts will probably be focused around these 8th House topics.

The Sun will sextile Pluto on March 16th. This powerful aspect will give you a boost of self-confidence. You are usually confident, but this aspect will lend itself to your natural gifts. In addition, if there is a new idea you wish to pursue, this would be a good time.

On March 20, the Sun will enter energetic Aries in your solar 9th House. This combination of self-starting Aries, the self-focused Sun, and the expansive, profound 9th House will give you a wonderful opportunity to explore and possibly travel. The 9th House includes things like long-distance travel, higher education, and the study of profound subjects. Take this wonderful combination of fire signs and Houses to flourish, Leo.

Venus enters Aries in your solar 9th House on March 21st. Venus in Aries tends to be quick to act and reluctant to commit. It is also attracted by surface things. With the focus in your 9th House, you might jump into something like a long trip, a new area of study, or a spiritual endeavor. Aries’ luck tends to help ensure these endeavors work out, even if they begin impulsively. Indulge your fiery nature, Leo.

The Sun will conjunct Venus on March 26th. This strong aspect brings peace and harmony in your relationships. Enjoy a touch of charisma and charm during this aspect as well.

The Full Moon in Libra hits in your solar 3rd House, Leo. The Full Moon illuminates, and in this case, it will bring to light 3rd House matters like neighbors, distant relatives, communication, and short trips. With Libra’s influence, you will be able to tackle these things with diplomacy and charming air. Get creative. Watch out for feeling like you can’t make a decision. Instead of pressuring yourself, use this Full Moon to simply reveal things and take action later.

We wrap up the month with the Sun sextile Saturn on March 31st. This aspect will give you a boost of concentration and perseverance at the end of the month. Put in the work and this aspect will reward you.

Overall, this month will have you tackling some fairly serious 8th House topics, but you’ll also get to have some fun contemplating profound 9th House ideas.

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