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May 2021 Pisces Horoscope

The mystifying melodies of Pisces’ world will be experienced deeply in the month of May. Life in the 2nd house is always concentrated on self-fulfillment, and Pisces is a sign of trance and imagination. When those powers combine, it manifests a journey down the stream of personal discovery for the fish. During May, gentle and spiritual Pisces, you will find that your health and happiness are at top priority. Follow your intuition and retreat to the corners of love and appreciation for your body and mind.

Pisces, the empathetic and kind soul, the Last Quarter Moon on the 3rd is going to be less emotional for you and characterize you as logical. A difference in your natural persona for Pisces enjoys the fantasy of dreams and myth. During this moon phase, you will be swiftly dashed off to the inner mechanisms of your life and view everything as if you were a ghost looking into reality. You’ll change old habits that have caused you embarrassment or self-pity. Feel the excitement, for the gift you hold of being heavily connected with “the other” will allow you to fix yourself without bias. Mercury will enter Gemini on the 3rd as well, allowing you to have fast communicative thoughts and focus heavily on creativity and production towards your new self. The Last Quarter Moon is a time where we reflect inwards and attempt to find meaning in our day-to-day activities. The slender-face moon cleanses the fish under its light.

However, Pisces is known for their desire to escape reality, so when the Last Quarter Moon shines and Mercury enters Gemini at the same time, the zodiac’s daydreaming becomes exponential. Careful Pisces, too much daydreaming can deter you from actually accomplishing the goals you set from this moon phase. Dreams are done by action, and your mind at this time is mainly focused on hypotheticals.

The following week beginning on the 6th, the True Node (North Node) will sextile Chiron, the well and healthy. This alignment will settle during a time where the Pisces mind is already thinking about a better future and change of scenery. The True Node represents one's destiny in the circle of life and where your spirit will travel. Chiron is a healer, believer of wellness, financial stability, and focused on inner health. When True Node sextiles Chiron, it allows for a deep fascination with self-improvement. Most of these preparations are done for the future in mind, like choosing to eat a healthier diet or taking care of the skin by wearing sunscreen and moisturizers. Where are you going to be 10, 20, maybe 40 years from now? How healthy do you want to be in the future? These are the questions you will be answering. Pisces isn’t necessarily vein, but you can admit that you care about your appearance. The True Nodes’ alignment under the house of Venus will create a focus on what you see in the mirror. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots will all come to your attention. Old scars and split ends will become a concern, but not because of vanity, but because you feel that you’ve neglected your body in search of spiritual quests. The need to fix yourself for the future and develop a consistent self-care routine will almost obsessively take over your mind and you’ll be tempted to splurge. But remember easily swayed Pisces, external health does not require expensive facial creams and an empty wallet.

And finally, the planet Jupiter goes into the fish’s pond! Ah, the planet of Jupiter. When its heavy gas-constructed sphere hovers over into the seas of the fish, it causes Pisces to become sensitive and soft, kind and patient, loving and generous to others. The planet will align with the zodiac on the 13th, unwrapping Pisces’ gift. Pisces, during this time you should spend your days with beloved friends and your closest family members. Have dinner with the ones you love the most and talk about topics you haven’t talked about in a while. Listen to others and take in the energies of those people who confide in you. Just as sensitive as Pisces is, the fish can simultaneously absorb the emotions of others without harming themselves. Volunteer, build organizations, do things to help others!

Or you can also stay inside and read a book. Watch a sad movie. Just let emotion fill every crevice of your soul, Pisces. It’s a beautiful time to feel.

The Blood Moon occurring on the 26th and Mercury’s Retrograde beginning on the 29th will arrive the last week of May and cause an incredible amount of havoc to the world that will result in Pisces retreating under the waters until its energy passes. You can certainly handle others, but too much pollution in the air is toxic for your aquatic environment. The planetary movements of the Lunar Eclipse and Mercury’s reversal will cause Pisces to relax whether they want to or not, and in a way they need to after being there for all their friends and family. To be honest, the fish is not a creature of constant stimulation, so an abundance of creative and mental expenditure can burn out the zodiac very quickly. Luckily, these events will soothe your soul and allow you to retreat back into the abyss of the pond.

Sensitive and kind Pisces, as you look for ways to better yourself, never change who you fundamentally are. Your sensitive soul is truly a gift for the world and your unique ability to feel emotions in a positive way is something we all admire. The world needs a friend with a heart as big as yours!

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