January 2022 Leo Monthly Horoscope

January 2022 Leo Horoscope

Leo has a reputation for, among many other things, a tendency towards self-absorption. Leos have a lot of redeeming qualities that don’t receive nearly enough attention. You are a truly confident, bold, fearless, and loyal individual. These aren’t traits to take lightly- and Leo epitomizes them to near perfection. However, your fatal flaw of self-absorption has been overtaking your whole personality as January starts. Everyone has flaws, but once you are able to understand that the perception of others doesn’t really matter, then you will be all the better for it. It’s a difficult stage to set, but you seemingly accomplish this task with the upmost grace and dignity.

On the very first day of the 2022 New Year, the Sun is in a rather unique position to Leo. The Sun is in the quincox to Leo, increasing your naturally high sense of determination and passion. In addition, you are going to be feeling extra independent and stubborn during this time. Unfortunately for those around you, this may lead to more careless arguments. The arguments you’re getting into aren’t because of anger- rather carelessness on your part about what you are actually saying to others. Words often have an impact beyond what you may initially mean.

However, on the second of the month, the New Moon and the movement of Mars to Sagittarius will create a great deal of personal harmony. Your planning abilities will come in handy, ultimately leading you to success. Whatever your plan may be, it will come to a very fruitful end. You have put a lot of forethought and work into this project, so you have definitely earned any success you receive as a result. This success will in turn help elevate your personal sense of vitality- a rather helpful skill for your future endeavors.

During January 2022, Mercury will spend significant amounts of time in direct opposition to your sign. Naturally, the dichotomy between Mercury’s location and that of your own Sun sign creates a great deal of tension and strife. Particularly for you, you will feel an increased sense of self-worth, which can often come across as selfishness and arrogance. In the year 2022, you will need to focus a great deal of your energy working to ensure that your pride isn’t running your life. As a rather prideful person, this is a reoccurring problem for you. However, you also never let anything stand in your way of becoming the best version of yourself. Even if it is your own faults that are getting in the way.

Once again, the nearly month-long position of Venus in retrograde will be a major influence on your personal relationships. Venus retrograde begins at the start of January and will only come to an end in the final weeks of the month. Your relationships will do best under this planetary position if you employ as much patience and tact as humanly possible. You’re not particularly known for your tact so this may be a bit of a month-long struggle. Try to keep in mind the importance of the wishes, needs, and desires of your loved ones. Their dreams and wishes are just as important as your own. If you are able to keep this in mind, your relationship will greatly benefit. Venus in retrograde will also remind you of the importance of appreciating what you have within a relationship. It may not be a lot, but it is really important to appreciate the little things with your partner. The smallest things truly make the biggest difference in your relationships.

Starting on January 20th, the Sun will move from Capricorn into Aquarius. Aquarius in the Sun is in direct opposition to Leo. You are going to undergo a plethora of different extremes- your lows will be the lowest and your highs will be the highest. In particular, this time will be characterized by mass instances of boldness, assertiveness, and true leadership. Conflict will also occur as well. The best approach to responding to this tension is to exercise restraint. Restraint is something you are not all too comfortable with. However, the more you practice restraint, the better you will become with it.

On the final day of the month, the Moon will enter into Aquarius. Once again, this is extreme contrast to Leo. However, this planetary position will create some fun opportunities for you. This month has been on the tenser side for you, so anything that will help you relax is greatly welcomed. You are going to have a lot of fun going into the next month. If you have been waiting to do something crazy and outside the box, now is the time! You will be glad that you did so. This is also a great opportunity for you to become even more involved in charitable works.

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