May 2022 Cancer Monthly Horoscope

May 2022 Cancer Horoscope

While some of the other signs are experiencing May 2022 full of contradicting planets that cause strife in their relationships, Cancers will enjoy a month of relative quiet. Your conflicts will come from within yourself as you continue to contend with the effects of Pluto's retrograde and Lilith's presence in your sign.

Every year Pluto spends approximately five months in retrograde. During this time, we find ourselves looking inside ourselves and our lives to determine what changes we need to make in order to live our best lives. Intuitive Cancers might find themselves even more in their heads and feelings during these times as they contemplate how to better themselves and their surroundings.

Also called "the Dark Moon," the aspect Lilith signifies the darker side of our spirit, the part of us that we keep tucked away from the world. Whether we do this to protect ourselves or protect those around us from our less pleasant attributes depends on the person. Lilith entered into Cancer last month, and she will continue to make her home in your sign through the end of the month. With the combination of these two powerful shadow aspects in play, May would be a good time to drag those skeletons out of your closet and bury them once and for all. There is no need to continue carrying around shame or fear of your true self. If you feel that you are unable to handle these darker aspects of your personality, there is no shame in seeking help either from a trusted friend or a professional. Rooting out the causes of these feelings and behaviors will make your spirit feel much lighter.

On May 4th, Lilith will square off with Venus from your 10th house of power. Your 10th house represents the home of your achievements and successes. When you find Lilith here, it creates a desire to prove yourself to people that you may feel don't give you enough credit, especially parents or authority figures in your life. When Lilith squares off with the planet of desire from this position, you may find yourself feeling oppressed or bitter about your treatment. This is an excellent time to look within and remember that your value comes from yourself and not from others' opinions of you. This run-in with Venus is Lilith's only confrontation this month, and once you can work past these negative feelings, the rest of the month should be smooth sailing. It is also the only significant planetary alignment occurring in Cancer during May, leaving you plenty of time to decompress and continue working on yourself and Pluto's plans for you.

Cancers have the unique distinction of being not only a water sign but also of being the sign ruled over by the Moon. This double dose of lunar energy makes you not only exceptionally intuitive to your own feelings and those of the people around you, but it also makes you extraordinarily intuned with the phases and changes of the Moon. When the Full Moon occurs on May 16th, it will not only happen in the moodiest sign, it will also bring with it a total lunar eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon. The days leading up to this event may find Cancers feeling restless like there is something not quite right in your world, but you will not be able to pin down what the problem is. Take time out to meditate or write in a journal, remind yourself of the current lunar happenings and have faith that there is not some impending doom waiting right around the corner. You may require a few days to recover your energy after this Full Moon.

Luckily, the New Moon at the end of the month brings with it much lighter energy than the Full Moon did. May's New Moon will occur on the 30th in the social and breezy sign of Gemini. After a month of self-reflection and working on some not so pretty parts of yourself, Crabs should take advantage of Gemini's friendly energy and come out of your shell. Make plans to spend the day with friends or family. The New Moon is a time of renewal and rebirth. Use this day to re-enter your social life with the unwanted parts of yourself cleared away or at the very least pruned back. It takes us years to accumulate emotional baggage and dark aspects to our personalities, so do not expect to be entirely rid of them in four short weeks. However, you never win a battle you refuse to enter, and for your happiness and mental well-being, this is a battle worth having.

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