May 2022 Libra Monthly Horoscope

May 2022 Libra Horoscope

Libras are in for a ride this month with your ruling planet Venus being a bit all over the place and finding herself in a few contentious aspects. However, May will be a time of self-realization and decisions for Libras as you figure out where you are heading and who is really in your corner for the long run.

Venus starts off May of 2022 strong by jumping right into a sextile with Pluto on the first day of the month. Sextiles are complementary bonds, and this one will have Libras feeling passionate and open. You will want to share some aspects of yourself that you tend to keep in the shadows with someone close to you. You feel confident that they can handle your slightly dramatic self and that they will love you all the more for being honest and vulnerable with them.

The very next day, on the 2nd, Venus charges into the bold sign of Aries. She does this in his 6th house, which rules over daily routines and habits. If you have been considering dropping some bad habits or starting some new, healthier practices such as hitting the gym or improving your diet, this would be an excellent time to begin. Aries will give the sometimes indecisive Libras the push they need to choose a path and commit to it. Venus is all about self-love and doing what makes you happiest, and we are all happier when we have a steady, healthy routine in our daily lives.

On May 4th, your ruling planet finds herself in her first contentious aspect of the month with the Dark Moon. Often referred to as Lilith, the Dark Moon aspect of our horoscope represents our rawest selves, the part of us that is deemed "impolite" to share in most settings. When Venus squares off with her from inside the house of partnership, look for some profound revelations in your personal life. This square will find you dragging out parts of yourself that maybe you haven't exposed to a partner yet. These revelations follow the same themes as the Pluto sextile a few days ago but with a darker edge. Usually, non-confrontational Libras may find themselves with a "take it or leave it" attitude. If someone cannot love you for who you are entirely, shadows and all, then they aren't the one.

After an action-packed first week of May, Libras will get a bit of a break as Venus avoids any prominent aspects and gives you some time to breathe. However, everyone will be affected by Mercury going back into retrograde on the 10th. Libras are very social but are uncomfortable with a confrontation, unlike some of the other social butterfly signs like Gemini or Aries. You may feel especially off-balance during these times of heightened arguments and disrupted communication. Keep to your usual friendly demeanor and try not to let other people's tense attitudes bring you down or hurt your feelings.

Venus continues to lay low through the middle of the month before leaping back into an action-packed final week. On the 24th, Venus is still hanging out in bold Aries, but now in the 9th house. This positioning will make Libras feel like expanding their horizons. Maybe you have been considering a move either geographically or in your career, and this positioning will give you the courage to finally start making it happen. Also, on the 24th, Venus enters into a sextile with Saturn, which signifies you are looking for a more profound commitment from a relationship. Your partner needs to be willing to jump into this new journey with you or be left in the dust. You are done holding yourself back for the comfort of others.

May 27th, Venus enters her final and possibly the most important square of the month for Libras. Perched in the 11th house of Aries, Venus is ready to declare her intentions to the world and step out onto the new path you have been laying down all month. However, this conflict with Pluto indicates simmering issues in a relationship bubbling to the surface. Feelings of jealousy or resentment that have been quietly stewing come rushing forth in the form of accusations or manipulative behavior. Libras have a tendency to be accommodating to others at the expense of themselves, and you may feel like the easier path is to just go with the flow and back down. If you do that in this situation, you are setting a terrible precedent for the continuation of the relationship. You are sending the message that your desires are not as important as your partner's.

On May 28th Venus finally steps out of brash Aries and into calmer, more grounded Taurus. However, this does not mean you will feel less strongly about the decisions you have made this month. Taurus may be slower to anger and more methodical, but there is a reason that their symbol is a bull. Use the energy of the most stubborn of Zodiacs and keep pushing forward with what you know to be best for you.

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