May 2022 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

May 2022 Sagittarius Horoscope

The beginning of May 2022 finds Sagittarius's ruling planet Jupiter in Pisces, where he has been since the end of 2021. On May 3rd, he will enter into a sextile with Pluto, creating a positive change in your circumstances. Pluto is the planet of renewal and personal growth, and when he teams up with the champion of good fortune and wealth, you can expect to see good things in your financial sphere. Jupiter is inhabiting the 3rd house during this sextile, the house of community and communication. This pairing of Jupiter and Pluto signifies the coming together of a plan that has been in the works for a while. Maybe you have been working on landing a new and lucrative client at work or have been waiting on approval to start a new project about which you feel passionately. Regardless of what you have been working on, expect good news in the first couple of days of May.

May 10th brings Mercury back into retrograde for the second time in 2022, which no one looks forward to. When the planet that rules travel and communication is in retrograde, everything under his influence tends to go awry. Misunderstanding and arguments can be found around every corner, and traveling brings more headaches than joy. Sagittarius's blunt nature earns them a reputation for being harsh and sometimes downright rude, at the best of times, and communications being skewed does not help their cause. For the next couple of weeks, it is advised that you think before you speak. Maybe mull over any potentially difficult conversations for a day or two and plan your delivery. When in doubt, speak with intentional kindness to avoid unintentionally offending those around you.

Not only does May 10th see smooth communication get thrown out the window, but Jupiter is also entering into Aries, making it extra hard for Sagittariuses not to toot their own horns. So now is not the time to be boasting about recent accomplishments or how well you are doing. While it goes against both Aries’ and Jupiter’s natures' to be humble, for the sake of peace with people in your life, Sagittarius should try for modesty. At least until communications clear back up.

As long as chatty Archers can keep themselves out of arguments with their circle, they should have a relatively quiet few weeks in the middle of May. However, the last ten days of the month will bring about more positive aspects for those looking to make some changes.

On May 20th, Jupiter will enter into a sextile with Mercury. So now is the time for big plans, life-altering plans. You have confidence in yourself, and with Mercury, on your side, you will have no problem gaining the confidence of others. Whatever project you saw move forward at the beginning of the month, this is the time to bring others on board. Your natural charisma will be on full display, and others will find it hard to tell you no.

Only three days later, on the 23rd, Jupiter forms another positive bond, this time by entering a sextile with the Sun. This aspect brings about a positive flow of energy that makes it seem like you can accomplish anything. Normal tasks seem to come with little to no effort, and things that would usually seem daunting feel within your reach. Harness this energy and put it to good use. Many times people appreciate the removal of obstacles, but instead of using the added energy to push themselves, they simply coast and enjoy the ride. Don't make this mistake. You have been working so hard, and this added boost could be what you need to sail over the finish line with ease.

Sagittarius's last big aspect of the month comes in the form of a conjunction between their ruling planet and the planet of passion and assertion, Mars. A combination of these two dominant forces can lead to an almost fanatical drive to succeed. It is recommended that you harness this energy cautiously. Ride the wave of ambition and energy, but be careful not to let it drown you. You have been focused hard on your goals this month, which is admirable, but you also need to be aware of your limits and not let a drive to succeed drive you to exhaustion.

Luckily, this month's New Moon comes on the 30th, and it is in one of Sagittarius's most compatible signs, Gemini. Take this day of rest to do things that both Archers and Twins love, like discovering new eateries or bookshops with friends and partners. After a productive month, this is the perfect day to unwind and enjoy the fruits of all your labors this May.

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