May 2022 Taurus Monthly Horoscope

May 2022 Taurus Horoscope

While May of 2022 will start off smoothly enough for people born under a Taurus Sun, once the Sun leaves their season and enters fickle Gemini on the 21st, things get a bit complicated. With Mercury in retrograde and your ruling planet showing off some of her less desirable traits, this month has the potential to usher in significant changes for Tauruses' personal lives.

The first half of May is still Taurus season, meaning everyone will be feeling the calming influence of your Bull patron. Enjoy this period of relative calm and stability because, on the 10th, Mercury enters retrograde, which is bound to bring disputes and misunderstandings. When the lord of communication appears to be moving backward, it can make us feel like we are moving backward as well, especially in personal relationships. For Tauruses who have no problem knowing their own minds and have been known to dig their hooves in and refuse to budge, it is essential to hear the opposing side. Every man (and woman) is right in their mind, but we are also all human and fallible. During a Mercury retrograde is not the time to choose a hill to die on. If at all possible, let the topic go and revisit it in a few weeks when communication channels are clearer.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is going to find herself in some conflicting situations this month, so don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling a little emotionally drained. However, on the very first day of the month, she enters into a sextile with Pluto, creating a bond that will leave you feeling extra passionate about the things and people you love. Tauruses are known for being indulgent and enjoying life's tactile pleasures. So during this transit, treat yourself, buy a new outfit or take your favorite person out for a delicious meal.

Relationships will begin to experience turbulence around the 24th when Venus enters a sextile with Saturn making you feel like you need reassurance in your relationship. Tauruses already tend to be affectionate and focused on their relationships, so this upswing in your need for validation may come off as needy or co-dependent.

A few days later, on May 27th, Venus and Pluto will come back together, but this time the relationship will have a toxic edge. When the house of desire squares up to the house of self-power, it will bring about feelings of jealousy and mistrust. If you have been harboring doubts about your partner, you may find that you are unable to stop yourself from voicing them. Keep in mind that Mercury is still in retrograde, and concerns may come across as accusations with the potential to do lasting harm to your relationship.

The very next day, on the 28th, Venus will move into Taurus in your 7th house, which is also the house that she rules. The 7th is the house of romantic relationships and entanglements, and when Venus comes home to roost, your feelings will be magnified. As this is happening, Mercury will be occupying your 8th house, demanding that you take a closer look at people's motivations and their actions in your relationship. These couple of days have the potential to make or break a relationship. Suppose you are able to trust your partner and have meaningful conversations about your relationship without shifting blame or causing arguments. In that case, you may enter June on a new path in your relationship, one leading to a more significant commitment or enhanced understanding of the other person. In contrast, if you give in to the square's suspicions or Mercury's adverse influence, you may head into June as a solo Bull. Similarly, if your partner has been unfaithful or hiding secrets, those will come to light this week. Whether they intend to be with you for a lifetime, or if this is just a passing fling, their true motives will become apparent. It would be best if you were ready to face them, one way or another.

Pluto has been in retrograde for a while now, which causes people to look inside themselves and re-evaluate what they want from their lives. So it is likely you already have an idea of what you want or expect from this relationship and whether you are ready to take the next step or send them out to pasture.

Whatever the outcome may be, the New Moon follows quickly on the heels of these events coming on May 30th. So take this day which is traditionally one of new beginnings and growth, to put aside any negativity lingering from the past week and focus on where you want to go from here.

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