Monkey Chinese New Year Horoscope 2023

Monkey Horoscope 2023

Monkey 🐒 Black Rabbit Year

Chinese New Year Horoscope 2023

The Chinese New Year 2023 will be the Year of the Black Water Rabbit. Follow links below to find out with the help of Chinese Horoscope 2023 what it would be like for people born in the year of the Monkey.

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Monkey Horoscope 2023

The Year of the Rabbit for Zodiac sign Monkey

In 2023 Monkeys will see a drastic improvement in their financial lives. Your charming nature will have doors opening for you in unexpected areas, and you will be excited to take on these new challenges. If you have been considering significant changes to either career or location, this is the year for that. However, it is advised that you take a different approach to relationships as any major changes in that area could lead to regret by the end of the year.

Monkey Horoscope 2023 - Love Monkey Horoscope 2023 for Love Sphere

Monkey's Romance & Relationships sphere throughout 2023 Rabbit Year

People born under the sign of the Monkey value their freedom and independence above almost anything else, which means they are not quickly settled into relationships. If you are a committed Monkey, it will do you well to not make any rash relationship decisions in 2023. While Yin-Water will have people reflecting upon their lives and themselves, be sure to reflect upon all of the reasons you chose to enter this relationship, and don’t bolt at the first sign of rapids. The master of the year, Water-Rabbit, is an advocate of commitment and will not take lightly to you throwing away a good relationship on a whim.

Single Monkeys will enjoy playing the dating game in 2023, with plenty of romantic partners to choose from. You are charming and excellent at selling others on your greatness, which benefits you in love as well as business. This year you will see your social circle widening, and with this broader circle comes new opportunities for a lasting relationship. Water-Rabbit would take great joy in helping the serial-dating Monkey find a long-term partner in the summer of 2023, but if that is not to your taste, be honest with those you are seeing and avoid leading potential partners on or risk Rabbit’s wrath.

Monkey Horoscope 2023 - Money Monkey Horoscope 2023 for Money Sphere

Monkey's Wealth & Abundance in the course of the 2023 Year of the Rabbit

Monkeys tend to be naturally intelligent and enjoy a challenge, which is reflected in your career choices. Your willingness to rise to any occasion will see you grow in your career in 2023. New social contacts will put you in touch with the right people to advance your business or start on a project you have been dreaming of.

Some of the opportunities presented early in the year will require a bit of courage if you wish to see them through. However, Water-Rabbit is a fan of adventure and will support your choice to change companies or strike out on your own. 2023 is a good year for Monkeys to change their environment, so if a new job offer means packing up and moving to a new location, don’t dismiss it out of hand. This opportunity could be just what you need to make your fortunes in the years to come.

While Monkeys’ ability to talk themselves up serves them well in sales and networking, it can also come off boastful and condescending to coworkers and friends. So be sure to remain humble about your success and new projects in 2023. Water-Rabbit does not appreciate a braggart, and you are likely to find the wind let out of your sales before you begin your journey if you aren’t careful.

Monkey Horoscope 2023 - Health Monkey's Horoscope 2023 for Health Sphere

Monkey's Well-Being & Relaxation during 2023 Rabbit Year

The forecast for 2023 shows no severe health complications for Monkeys beyond routine issues such as allergies and minor colds. However, it would be wise to have a regular check-up done early in the year to ensure everything is running smoothly. You have too much success lined up this year, and you do not want to be sidelined by something that could have been prevented.

2023 is ruled over by the adventurous Water-Rabbit and is an excellent year to travel and discover new favorite destinations. So with the master of the year smiling upon travels and Monkeys being restless folks, it would be wise to take a vacation in the early autumn. Visit somewhere you have always been interested in seeing. Look at this as not only a relaxing trip but as a scouting mission for a potential move in the near future.

Monkey's Elemental Horoscopes 2023

The first thing most people learn about the Chinese Zodiac is their animal totem and how that shapes their personality. The twelve animals of the Zodiac are essential and give you a broad overview as well as a good starting point, but they are just the beginning. The elemental energy that was in power at the time of your birth gives greater depth and detail to your horoscope. For example, the variations between Water and Metal or Wood and Fire can create a world of difference in how you interact with others and tackle life. To discover your ruling element, simply match the last digit of your birth year to the corresponding energy.


2023 chinese horoscope

Water Monkey Horoscope 2023

Years Ending In: 2 or 3 | Ruling Planet: Mercury ☿ | Season: Winter ❄| Color: Black

Water-Monkeys love the sound of your own voice, and that will lead you into trouble in 2023. Not everyone is as enamored with you as you may think, and some people, especially in your professional life, would love to see you knocked off your pedestal. Avoid workplace gossip this year lest others use your own words against you. Likewise, do not reveal your plans or ideas until the project is underway. Otherwise, you risk jealous people snatching the glory from your paws.


2023 chinese horoscope

Metal Monkey Horoscope 2023

Years Ending In: 0 or 1 | Ruling Planet: Venus ♀ | Season: Autumn ☔ | Color: White

Monkeys with a Metal energy have a hard time taking advice and listening to other’s opinions. This will be hard for you in 2023 as Yin-Water has everyone wanting to voice their opinions, especially in your relationship. So when you find yourself pining after someone outside of your relationship and thinking about how much easier a mate they would be, remember that the grass is not always greener. Risking a relationship you have worked hard for in exchange for something new and exciting will lead you to heartache, and your original partner will be unwilling to forgive your transgressions.


2023 chinese horoscope

Earth Monkey Horoscope 2023

Years Ending In: 8 or 9 | Ruling Planet: Saturn ♄ | Season: Summer/Early Autumn 🌞 ☔ | Color: Brown

Earth-Monkeys would do well to watch their diet and make sure to take time off this year. Unfortunately, you are prone to overwork, and with all of the new opportunities at work, it will be hard to tear yourself away. However, Water-Rabbit places great value on self-care, and if he feels that you are neglecting your physical or mental well-being, he will put a quick stop to your meteoric rise at work. Early autumn is a lucky time of year for Earth energies and is also the best time for travel in 2023. Take advantage of this double blessing and plan a trip somewhere you have always wanted to go.


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Fire Monkey Horoscope 2023

Years Ending In: 6 or 7 | Ruling Planet: Mars ♂ | Season: Summer 🌞 | Color: Red

People born with Fire-Monkey energies are magnetic, drawing in friends and partners with little effort. As a result, in 2023, you will find yourself with many romantic opportunities and not one to shy away from a challenge; you will be tempted to take on them all. While Water-Rabbit takes no issue with you having a good time, you must also be careful not to bruise any hearts. Be sure to let your dating partners know that you are in this for a good time, not a long time. If you are careless and leave a trail of hurt feelings in your wake, you will find yourself quite lonely by the last quarter of the year.


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Wood Monkey Horoscope 2023

Years Ending In: 4 or 5 | Ruling Planet: Jupiter ♃ | Season: Spring 🌈 | Color: Green

You will be tempted to neglect your health and relationships in 2023 in exchange for greater financial success. Water-Rabbit applauds your success at work, but his main focus is always a happy home-life, and he will frown upon your negligence. In addition, Yin-Water will have your partner reflecting upon whether or not they want to build a life with someone who is never around to enjoy said life. So be sure to take a break this summer and let those you love know they are still your top priority.


Chinese Horoscope 2023 Monkey

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