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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

August 2017 Horoscope

Taurus August 2017 Monthly Horoscope.

Taurus August 2017

Channeled Message - Yours soul's journey is quite deep at this time. Throw out any notions that you are not good enough or not enough for moving forward with your own romantic gestures, endeavors, and expanding journeys. Why do you allow yourself to be taken advantage of at times? Especially in your life's work? It is time to surrender and see
yourself as a true spiritual being. This might prove to be a difficult task for you in the beginning, but will make more and more sense as the month goes forward. Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo, another earth sign. You might feel a tug between your own earthly needs and spiritual connectivity. This is a great month to send your
focus towards something you truly can call your own! Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Wheatgrass, Mint, Daffodils, Spinach, Holy Basil, and Sage are important for you at this time. (Read for Leo/Earth Signs)

Career/Work - You are being tested heavily in this realm. There might be a source of tension with an authority in your own line of work. You might need to find
your own steady source of flow and using your works might create a better outlet for you. If you are in the field of communication, this is a perfect time to look towards written word, or even artistic ventures. There might be times where you find yourself in constant conflict with either a group of people. This might be the time
to align forces, and set your journey towards a shared interest.

Love/Spirituality - The Eclipses this month might bring you someone completely opposite from you. You might feel like you have no other person in your life who's ever made you feel this way, yet you cannot pinpoint it. It might be a love-hate relationship, or something so deeply intense that
you cannot back away. The people in your life right now are meant to take you to the highest realm of your own existence, and you must allow yourself to open up to the newest possibilities in your own mind. For family the family bound Taurus - you might be expanding your family, and have an additional member added. This might
be through marriage or long-term commitment. Remember that any conflicts are forcing you to grow!

Abundance/Finances - There is benefit to this month as you walk the path towards realignment. You might have had several giant expenses this year that set you back a bit on the debt cycle. The Mercury retrograde after August 12th will help you get back into
shape financially, or at least get you clear about yourself. Saving before spending is the best tactic for you. That means trying not to make any impulse buys, especially through online shopping. Cut corners for a little bit, things will feel a lot better in early September.

Health/Wellness - You might be refining something or sculpting this month. The alignment with
Mars throughout the month with your own sign is meant to get you past a wall. This is a step you have to take on your own. You might feel like you are a little uncomfortable at first, but any vulnerability will bring you better connection with your own mind and body. Careful change in your diet and muscle tone will
help you this month. You might see a gradual shift, nothing is drastic at this time.

Asteroids/Fixed Stars - This Month the asteroid Pallas Athene is working with much of you to organize, reassess and realign your priorities. You might be in need to completely look at your organizational techniques. You might find yourself in structured debates, or even thinking about
changing your residence or undergoing a construction project. This is in a healthy trine with Mercury retrograde, so if you need to work on an accounting issue, this is the perfect month of the year to get your finances in order. Housing developments and projects are supported at this time, this is the month to draw up your plans.

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