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May 2017 Horoscope

Leo May 2017 Monthly Horoscope.

Leo May 2017

Pluto, who in his normal position is the key patron of Leo, will cooperate with Uranus in May 2017, which is quite surprising even on its own. That is, people born under this sign, will be in difficult situations, which won't, however, have a definitely negative way out. Now virtually all of your decisions will result in a chain of incredibly
bright, promising developments, not only for you. But be attentive: this is a big responsibility, because the fates of many people (not just your loved ones) will depend indirectly on you. Overall, we are dealing with a successful, bright and good stage of life, despite the fact that the nature of many developments will elude you for a long time. You
shouldn't worry about the fact that something might not work out for you. Now fate will give you a second, and if needed, even a third chance. Don't beat yourself up for past mistakes, it's all temporary, the unpredictability of the future should inspire you with hope, and not make you upset because of uncertainty. In the area of work you
can expect new achievements, and the "personal front" will give you time to catch your breath and radically reassess your opinions. Just don't lock yourself into your inner world under any circumstances, don't shut yourself off from society, and don't fall into depression. Due to the unfavorable position of Mercury in combination with the position of Venus, any of these courses
of action will result in the collapse of your hopes.

In May 2017, in the work sphere Leo could achieve a lot, although he will definitely have to make an effort. Remember one thing: don't plan for unduly prolonged stretches of time, make an effort to look at the nearest prospect, this very important now. You also shouldn't hassle your management, if
you don't understand something. Have you heard the saying, "ignorance is bliss"? This is about you, and you don't need to know too much, otherwise you'll start to work less well. In fact, productivity could seriously drop, if your motivation changes, and you shouldn't allow this, because the end of spring is an excellent time for new achievements. Those who work
for themselves are advised by the stars to maintain their positions. Put your money on short-term projects, don't rush to open up new branches or divisions, work with what there is. The intensive, and not the extensive route of development will help you to receive the most of what is possible. It's just important not to forget to stop to assess
the situation in time. Constant movement forward without temporarily applying the brakes or taking "smoking breaks" will be the wrong strategy for the current stage, because Mercury will make use of your workload immediately. This could result in a significant drop in profits, so be attentive.

It's hard to say how unusual the sphere of feelings, emotions, personal and family relationships will
be for Leo in May 2017. One thing can be said absolutely clearly: if you do everything right (and to do it "absolutely wrong", as already mentioned, is unlikely to happen), then towards the end of the month you will gain the respect of your loved ones and, probably, the love of the person on whom you have focused your attention
for a long time. Generally single Leos need not hesitate about anything, they must act boldly, forcefully, but with consideration, of course. Married Leos are advised to pay attention to the younger generation, to children and grandchildren. This will give you food for thought, it will enable you to prevent potential conflicts and significantly reduce the likelihood of a dangerous situation
developing. You don't necessarily need to fall into moralism, you are strong not only in your life experience. It's important to know how to keep a balance, the fine line, when lectures and the warmth of relationships blend into a single entity. This will be a good time for establishing close contacts. But don't forget about the position of Mercury, under
no circumstances should you enter into a financial relationship with your relatives. Don't borrow and don't lend money, this is seriously risky now, so just sit this one out.

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Very interesting. Not sure I believe it; but you never know! Astronomy dates back, possibly since the beginning of man!

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