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Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope

The 2017 year of the Rooster

Free 2017 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Sagittarius for 2017 year of the Rooster.

Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope

How many of our hopes are connected to the beginning of a new period. And again on the threshold of the Year of the Red Rooster 2017! And somewhere there... beyond the high peaks of arrogance, beyond the endless river of fiery rage, beyond the thorny bushes of egoism, everything is the same as before, that rare species Sagittarius is lurking,
with whom anyone can truly fall in love! What a shame that he is almost unreachable, and so rarely steps out from his hideout... but anyway, the times are changing! Whether you want it or not, in 2017 someone is once again on a crusade in search of a legendary mythical beast. Will someone really be so bold as to
reveal a world that had been hidden under a thick layer of pompous alienation, tucked in a shell of dogma and rules not understood by anyone (except you)? Why not... Sagittarians are so used to getting what they want regardless of anything, so why can't desirable things come to Sagittarians regardless of them ?!

In the coming year 2017 everything will work
out for you, dear Sagittarius. Sagittarians, members of the zodiac house of Fire, will even feel quite positive about themselves in the Year of the Red (Fire) Rooster 2017. This is a forward-looking time, which will allow you to realize your greatest plans to the fullest extent. And in fact even more! In 2017 Sagittarians will have to discover for
themselves what is really necessary for you, discover something or someone that will allow you to become better, demonstrate those qualities of your personality which were normally hidden... only don't be so defensive, there is nothing to fear! We perceive everything with caution and with a degree of wariness all changes in our lives, despite the fact that changes are a
part of the life cycle. Yes, there will be a huge number of changes in the lives of Sagittarius in 2017, and these very changes may be so large-scale that they will overturn your lifestyle and possibly even your perception of life. Despite the fear, moving forward is necessary. Remaining in the past will be equivalent to going to the "dark"
side, from which you won't be able to soon emerge. Dear Sagittarians, fear of change is the major enemy for you in 2017! Always move forward, take all that the world has to offer, or wait until all the events happen on their own. But the important thing is to savor life by welcoming change, and then 2017 will be one
of the most successful and memorable stages of life in your bright future!

And so, the Year of the Red Fire Rooster 2017 corresponds to the element of your zodiac sign, which clearly supports Sagittarians with a certain patronage. Along with this it is important to note that although the general tone of life strengths of Sagittarius will now be higher than
usual, internal circumstances won't totally support your aspirations. So, dear Sagittarians, it's not worth counting on the fact that everything in 2017 will happen as if you waved a magic wand. And although some spheres will really not demand close attention, others will lag behind and demand your focused attention and participation in solving current tasks. Looking at 2017 as a
whole in relation to your zodiac sign, then one can deduce that in the current phase of life it's logical to emphasize the sphere of personal relationships because the rage, power, and violence of the Red Rooster are to the fullest extent embodied and expressed in the element of Fire, and will be concentrated to the greatest degree exactly in this
direction. In other words, in this sphere characteristic tendencies for all signs in general are active in 2017. The communicative aspect is at the forefront, and it is necessary to meet all challenges as promptly as possible, not really "drawing it out." Venus, the Exaltant of Sagittarius, will turn out to be in a maximally dynamic position, and this will become
yet another incentive to emphasize the "dating scene." On the other hand, of course, it wouldn't be right to completely forget about work and its related issues. So, in a certain sense, a measured pace will be appropriate. Besides, 2017 for Sagittarians will turn out to be both uneven and logical. And here every stage of life will be characterized by
its own nuances. Considering this, Sagittarians will be able to achieve maximal productivity in any arena, and in the process attain any targeted goal.

The first stage, which begins with the arrival of the Year of the Red Fire Rooster, will conclude at the end of the second third of April. Here the intensity of Venus' influence will turn out to be
a bit lower compared to the general yearly measures because Jupiter, the steward of your Sagittarian zodiac house, will emerge at the forefront. Bearing this in mind, significant problems aren't expected, but conflictual situations will take place, and this is perhaps the only period in 2017 when Sagitatarius will need to emphasize the work arena. You'll need to concentrate, especially if
you work for yourself, are an entrepreneur, or have your own business. Sagittarians who are purely executives or don't have epecially high leadership duties, will honestly be able to get through all the coming tests without significant efforts. Dear Sagittarians, if you quite attentively monitor your surroundings, the paths of development of situations will be obvious to you. Furthermore, there will
possibly be new contacts, a great number of contacts, but not all will come in handy. Here lies a small challenge in the beginning period of 2017, when it will be necessary in the truest sense to separate the wheat from the chaff. In other words, to understand which of your new partners is sincere, and which are liars. Doing this
won't be simple; nevertheless no exceptional efforts will be demanded of you. Attentiveness and time will work for Sagittarius.

With the dawn of the final third of April 2017 and right up until the middle of the fall season (the middle of October), this year's master, the Fire Rooster, will dramatically shift priorities. During this time Sagittarians will need to devote a
large portion of time to work and personal problems, which won't be great, but will need to be clearly dealt with nonetheless. If you suddenly intend to go against the flow, then contradictions in this sphere of life soon will create a certain problem you won't be able to simply ignore, nor will you be able to solve overnight. On the
other hand, in the period of spring/summer of 2017, if they think it's necessary, Sagittarians will be able to truly focus more on the process of earnings and career growth, and no one will contain them.

There it is important to understand that success in personal development consists in adhering to astrological currents that truly don't demand much. The Fire Rooster himself
will prompt you what is necessary to do at certain stages, not to mention, Sagittarians' intuition is in good condition. But this very intuition, a certain emotional reflection, will now come to the forefront, allowing you to mobilize resources in order to be victorious with minimal losses. In the love department in this period of 2017, Sagittarians can prepare themselves for
a really serious battle. Of course, for Sagittarians who already happily possess a "second half," this period will be significantly calmer than for singles. However, in the "married camp," significant developments and rearrangements are possible. Anyway, Sagittarians will sense in themselves the main effect of the influence of the fickle goddes of love Venus, finding themselves in an active search
for a partner. Sagittarians who long ago strived to gain someone's affection will finally be able to do so. However, in your case it will be necessary to compete with rivals whose existence will appear suddenly. At the same time the fact of the existence of rivals won't be a shock for you, but will help you approach situations more deliberately.
In no case should you "flex your muscles" right off the bat. Even though the Fire Rooster often doesn't mind "having fun," nonetheless to a large degree he emphasizes communication, and after that everything else. This means that strong-arm tactics should really be a "last resort," otherwise you risk creating an even bigger problem and not getting what you wanted.
And this restraint will become your benefactor in the above-mentioned case. In other situations it isn't necessary to control yourself so strictly, but sometimes even the opposite; a powerfully "thoughtless" onslaught may turn out to be the most productive choice.

The second half of the winter season, the winter of 2017-2018 right up until February 15, 2018, when the Fire Rooster yields
the laurel of victory to the next patron, will continue under the sign of even clearer and more unambiguous tendencies for Sagittarius. Here again, "matters of the heart" will not be at the forefront, although it is already difficult to give any concrete advice there. One thing is clear - here Sagittarians will need a heightening of flexibility and adaptability,
otherwise they won't be able to effectively solve their current problems. In your case it will more likely be necessary to act instead of think; In general, this is (truth be told) the very soul of the Fire Rooster. Of course, a certain assessment of the situation must be present, maybe even absolutely subjective. For the decision to be yours, the
important thing is that it not be imposed from without. It's important for Sagittarians that you like the decision and that it satisfy you in all parameters, even though some of them you can't explain logically. In other words, make decisions quickly, but at least base them on something, on some kind of barely tangible instinctive factors. This will give you
more possibilities for maneuvering, so you can more quickly "clear" territory where you can realize your daily plans. At the end of 2017 in the career arena, everything will take shape exceptionally calmly, and as a whole, the end of the Year of the Fire Rooster for the zodiac sign Sagittarius will turn out to be smooth and harmonious, without any
excesses worth paying any particular attention to.

We congratulate all Sagittarians on the coming year of the Rooster 2017! We hope in 2017 you retrieve the appeasement and harmony missed by your rebellious soul. Dear Sagittarians, we truly hope that all of 2017 will be happy, joyful, and carefree!

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Hi Sagittarians! Let do everything in our power to make all hopes come true in 2017!

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