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for August 31st

If your Birthday is August 31st and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

August 31st Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 31st of August are surmised to be intelligent and down to earth along with the usual Virgoan need to feel useful and appreciated. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus making you extra efficient and helpful and especially good at transforming chaos into order. If you have this birthday your high degree
of concentration and your mind full of original ideas, aims and targets is focused and adept at finding solutions quickly. An independent adventurous edge to your temperament can make you also occasionally critical, controlling and impractical too. Usually analytical and forward thinking you tend to favor common sense and realism and have a strong creative flair. Individuals with an August the
thirty first birthday are naturally affectionate, reliable and honest but may be a little distant emotionally and let their head rule over any decisions. Quiet yet charming you are sociable but also enjoy occasional solitude as well.

Work and Finances

Hours of work rather than pay are often an important factor in job choice to a person born on the thirty first of
August. Ideally you seem to prefer to leave plenty of non working time to regularly escape routine or pursue one of your numerous other interests and hobbies. Your fluency with words is commonly a strong point directing your favored occupations to include writing, teaching and speaking on behalf of others. Your decisive efficiency and reliability guide you to be a model
employee in any profession. Financially you are normally careful but quite susceptible to an impulse buy every now and again.

Personal Relationships

For a Virgo, the person born on the thirty first day of August is typically very loving, compassionate and loyal in love and romance situations. Despite being not overly physically demonstrative you are an intently sincere and protective partner. More broadminded
and tolerant than most Virgo's you tend to seek a partner with the same liberal qualities and views. You will ordinarily find it easy to commit to a soul mate who shares your level of intelligence and ambition and gives you the intimate intellectual stimulation you desire to feel complete. Composed on the outside you are inclined to be a worrier
on the inside who requires emotional stability and someone that helps you truly relax and open up to reveal innermost emotions. When in a long term special relationship you may want to shy away from social circles as you could be prone to a touch of possessiveness or jealousy.


Problems with any aspect of staying healthy experienced by those born on August
31st are sometimes assisted by your receptivity to both conventional and unconventional remedies. If illness occurs you like to explore all modes of thinking before considering treatment options. Your digestive system is predisposed to be sometimes delicate so diet related issues are likely to be common if you overtax it. Watching carefully what you eat is advised as this vigilance could
be of great benefit to overall healthiness. People born on this day need effective relaxation methods and should try yoga, meditation or daily walks.

August 31st Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are seen in the discerning way you express your originality in a realistic but artistic and imaginative way. This positivity, your unique charm and commonsensical approach help to get you noticed and fit lots into every day. Personality weaknesses for those born on August 31st focus on your inclination to tire easily mentally
and need to recharge your batteries frequently. These negative pronenesses of critical sarcastic remarks and pushy domineering behavior seem to creep through if you have overtired yourself or in retaliation if somebody has really upset you.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 31st of August means you are likely to be somewhat impulsive behind your mainly logical stance. As a consequence it
is usually rare for you to make specific plans or consider fine details before aiming for goals. Your optimistic outlook and belief in your abilities directs you to just go for it despite a lack of planning and hope for success first time. Your sense of adventure and enjoyment of tranquility once in a while makes you ambitious about traveling to
the far away places that interest you most. This wish to travel to peaceful locations is often reflected in some of your dreams.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the thirty first day of the month your date of birth is paired with a Root number of Four. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Honesty' spotlighting your
dependable helpfulness and the likelihood of your sincere interactions and intentions towards others. The 4th mystical card in the Major Arcana Tarot deck picturing the Emperor who represents wisdom and experience is associated with your birthday. This is a symbol of your maturity and determination. The lucky gemstone for August the thirty first birthdays is Topaz for combating fatigue and inciting


Astrologically, the powers of the planet Mercury are considered to be the strongest influence on all Virgo virgin symbolled personalities. The actual day you were born on, the thirty first of August is ruled over by Uranus's authority. The mixed influences of these 2 planets are thought to predetermine the probabilities of your individualism. Your intelligence and earthy enthusiasm boost your
usefulness and this usually satisfies your craving for appreciation. Your ability to concentrate and find answers to problems are excellent skills that should take you as far as you want to go in life. A summarizing thought for people born on August the 31st has two suggestions for promoting happiness and contentment. These are to attempt to balance fun and responsibility
equally and to seek inner guidance.

August 31st Horoscope Comments

31august 1995

[ Nouman Aziz ] [ Post Reply ]

What do all you august 31st do for a living? I've been feeling so stressed (being an aug 31st Virgo sun myself) I've been soooo stressed abt work and my future. Are you all fairly happy with your lives on the work front, so you have stable jobs that provide the lifestyle you want with a little savin
g involved? I don't know. I'm just fishing for hope!

[ Jenna ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a Financial Manager.. a total finance geek!!!. I love my job

[ Rheena Naidoo ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Jenna What do all you august 31st do for a living? I've been feeling so stressed (being an aug 31st Virgo sun myself) I've been soooo stressed abt work and my future. Are you all fairly happy with your lives on the work front, so you have stable jobs that provide the lifestyle y
ou want with a little saving involved? I don't know. I'm just fishing for hope!
Hi,I'm an art teacher and I'm happy :)

[ T ] [ Post Reply ]

It's the beginning of the year and I also find myself very stressed at work.. I realized after reading this horoscope that a lot applies to me because we are people that are always striving for perfection and everything must go right the first time.. so there isn't anything abnormal about what you s
aying and how you feel

[ Rheena ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, Virgo's are quite intelligent, on point, you name it. Today is August 31st 2016 my birthday and my 60th birthday at that.

[ Carol ] [ Post Reply ]

Its almost true about me :(

[ Omair ] [ Post Reply ]

Does anyone else have terrible birthday's every year? Is it just ppl in august or just the 31st?

[ Me ] [ Post Reply ]

we are usually in mercury retrograde on our birthdays...lol

[ gabrielle ] [ Post Reply ]

OK, that was eerily true.

[ Venk ] [ Post Reply ]

Is it true?

[ tombisana ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from tombisana Is it true?
I gave an interview last jan 23 'll success or not

[ tombisana ] [ Post Reply ]


[ crazy boy ] [ Post Reply ]

spot on. me

[ sonia slaughter ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, that's me for sure! Today I am 58.

[ Trudy 2 ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep that's me all the way lol :like:

[ Jecca ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah you born on this day probably get mad at your spouse everyday. Stop doing that shit

[ Creed ] [ Post Reply ]

So true about me

[ DON ] [ Post Reply ]

perfect... describes my lover in the best possible way

[ krish ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true describes me very well.

[ michael ] [ Post Reply ]

describes me perfectly..

[ shradha ] [ Post Reply ]

Totally true 99% of it. YAAS!

[ Zoe ] [ Post Reply ]

bootiful virgos r

[ bima ] [ Post Reply ]

bimay you be my life ik how much pretty and hot you are

[ haris ali khan ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah hot as well

[ bisma ] [ Post Reply ]

lovely!!!but is it true?

[ manasi ] [ Post Reply ]

*Lol* Do I smell a HATER ! L

[ *VirgoQueen* :P ] [ Post Reply ]

its not true

[ 31st august ] [ Post Reply ]

fun love peace rock'n'roll freedom lemonade & cherry kola

[ stephen 2much2dreamlastnite ] [ Post Reply ]

I born on 31/08 and I find my self fun loving and a philanthropist.God bless me

[ Brij Raj. Bengali ] [ Post Reply ]

O Wow...its just awesome

[ Samy ] [ Post Reply ]

wow.. this article is spot on!describes my mother almost perfectly!!

[ hi ] [ Post Reply ]


[ JEC ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born on aug 31 :)

[ melina ] [ Post Reply ]

It really resonated, in gratitudeTrudy

[ Trudy ] [ Post Reply ]

Fascinating! This is me.

[ Fran ] [ Post Reply ]

So me!!

[ Brandy ] [ Post Reply ]

So true.. That's simply me

[ Maria sawaya ] [ Post Reply ]

So on point..

[ Charisma ] [ Post Reply ]

Id say that's spot on!

[ Logan ] [ Post Reply ]

I find my self very easy and clear by reading this. thanks God bless u.

[ pooja ] [ Post Reply ]

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