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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Dragon, Knives, Aliens, Beach, Dead body, Diamonds, Haircut

Dream Dragon Dream meaning Dragon

Dragon mythical dream symbol - dragons are considered auspicious in some parts of the worlds and hence they may bring fortune if you belong to that area. Otherwise, dragon may be looked upon as a warning sign to control your passion and antagonism. It also sometimes denotes need to overcome unnecessary fears to achieve the real idea of self. These are also known for guarding a treasure and hence by observing them in your dream you can actually expect some financial benefits.

Dream meaning Knives Dream meaning Knives

Knife dream symbol- knife generally represent suppressed anger and frustration over a relationship or achievements. It also denotes separation owing to the cutting property of this tool. These dreams are of suggestive kind, and generally suggest to get rid of the nagging problem in your life. It can refer to a suffering in relationship which you need to break in order to find piece. To observe knives in hands of other people represent violence or sour relations. These are considered as negative omen that depicts hurt and regression in future.

Dream meaning Aliens Dream meaning Aliens

Dream symbol of aliens - dreams of aliens are of most vivid kind and can appear in every imaginable shape, color and surroundings. The most common dreams about aliens are kidnapping. General meaning of any alien dreams is the difficulty of adjustment to new surroundings. Aliens also imply to your inner feelings of being a stranger in crowd. They also signify a state of your mind where you are feeling incapable to deal with tricky situations or person.

Dream meaning Beach Dream meaning Beach

Beach symbol of emotions - presence of beach in your dream is significant of transitions going inside that may indicate towards unsteady state of mind. They also have spiritual essence and may suggest spiritual gains by appearing on your dreams. If you are leading a hectic life full of distress then dreams about beach may indicates towards your want to move away from that routine and give yourself a time for rejuvenation. Overall beach is related to your present state of mind.

Dream meaning Dead body Dream meaning Dead body

Dead bodies as symbol of change - observing a dead body in dreams suggest out thoughts and fears of death along with the uncertainty in life. They also replicate a confused mind of dreamer harbored by negative thoughts and suspicions. It strongly denotes the changes (in personality) equivalent to the changes happen after demise of a known person. They can be good as the dreams of corpses can denote a change in negative aspect of your personality. These dreams are common after a mishap in your family.

Dream meaning Diamonds Dream meaning Diamonds

Diamond are precious, eternal, and very expensive. Dreaming about diamonds may have several meanings and interpretations. It could symbolize affection, romance and money as well as general facts and spiritual essence. The diamond is an article which everyone yearns for and hence symbolizes those things or objects that are most precious to you. The dreamer may seem constantly in chase of those things that are not attainable but need them to get a sense of accomplishment.

Dream meaning Haircut Dream meaning Haircut

Hair often represents pride and opposite is suggested by a haircut. Dreams of getting a bald haircut indicate fears about defeat of self-respect fear of losing power. Haircut dreams many times suggest your worries about getting out of fashion and unpopular. These dreams are generally related to sense of power and strength where a haircut is loss in your pride and possessions. They also indicate a betrayal at work place which may deplete your positions and repute.

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