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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Vampire, River, Ice, Star, Crush, Purse, Brother and Sister

Dream meaning Vampire Dream meaning Vampire

Presence of vampires in your dreams suggests two contrast emotions, one is fear of death and other is feminine sensuality or seduction. Vampire is the devil who represents aggression and sustenance and hence these emotions can arise in the dreamer too.

Dream meaning River Dream meaning River

Flowing with the river represents tranquility or giving in to a higher power. You are connecting yourself to, and moving toward, a superior source of motivation and knowledge. If you are trying to go upstream in the river means that you are proceeding towards reaching the divine interference. Along with spiritual meaning, river also symbolizes to emotional turbulence that is caused due to problems in relationships.

Dream meaning Ice Dream meaning Ice

The characteristics of ice are rigidity and lack of flow which are represented through the dreams about ice. These dreams may signify a lacking in positive emotions and feelings. It also suggests your state of mind which is disturbed due to stagnancy in every sector of life.

Dream meaning Star Dream meaning Star

Stars many times represent your higher states of awareness-or the desire to attain the superior spiritual state. They can also signify your craving for worldly accomplishment that can refer to gain of fame and name. Stars may also symbolize the forces of fortune that you sense may be controlling your life at this time when you are getting dreams of stars. Generally appearance of stars brings in happy positive meaning. In ancient times dreams of stars were related to the divine guidance that is bestowed on you.

Dream meaning Crush Dream meaning Crush

Dreams of having crush or observing your crush is reflection of your innate feeling about the person. It implies to the actual infatuations that you are feeling in accordance with looks and personality of that person. The interactions with your crush are also important to analyze the dream properly and get the right suggestions. Recurring dreams about crush are indicative of the moment that you should expose your feelings to the person.

Dream meaning Purse Dream meaning Purse

The incidents observed with purse denote different things about our state of mind and emotions. In general, purse is the symbol of feminist as it is carried by the female gender. If it appears in the dreams of a male then it signifies some aspects of his personality that are concealed inside or implies to some secret emotions for person of opposite gender . Purse also symbolizes to responsibilities that you are carrying on your shoulders.

Dream meaning Brother Sister Dream meaning Brother and Sister

The appearance of brother or sister in your dreams can be interpreted as positive if you observe peaceful situation and good relations. To see your brother or sister lovingly teasing you or playing with you always signify financial stability or gains. If you see opposite relation in your dreams that present it suggests your feelings to improve your relationship with him or her. Many times presence of sibling in the dream is sheer representation of quality time spent with them in routine life.

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