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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Devil, Stranger, Tree, Work, Orange, Celebrity, Monkey

Dream meaning Devil Dream meaning Devil

Dreams of Devils can mean repressed fear or a feeling of negativity in your life and this dream suggests that you may be limiting yourself from achieving your full potential. Find out what dreaming of devils mean and its explanation of your state of mind - illustrated by dream dictionary.

Dream meaning Stranger Dream meaning Stranger

If you are scared of him then it may suggests feelings that are suppresses by you fearing of its consequences. Similar dreams are also suggestive of your non competence with the new surroundings that means you are stranger to your new situations and unable to cope with the environment. Dreams about strangers are also signifies the need of self analysis to conquer the evil side of your personality.

Dream meaning Tree Dream meaning Tree

The symbol of tree is responsible to denote various changes occurring in life. Trees generally refer to power, fortification, stability, goals achievement and financial gains. The activities involved in dreams in relation with tree are also considered for the decoding of the meaning of your dream. The interpretation if quite clear, that it to see a living lush green tree will imply positive changes whereas withering tree will reflect disappointment in achieving desires and wishes.

Dream meaning Work Dream meaning Work

This symbol refers to our own mind which is suggesting that you need to work on your confidence levels that will reflect good impression on higher level people. You are aware that you are good at work, but you go get influenced by achievements and impressive attitude of your coworker which gives you more inferiority complex which is harmful for your job. You doubting on your abilities, and it's time to change your attitude.

Dream meaning Orange

Dreams o fruits generally signify growth in life which can be taken as growth towards achievement or growth in spiritual sense. An orange fruit is generally indicative of good fortune and considered auspicious in all ways. Orange represents immediate improvement in health and bad habits inhibition. An ancient time interpretation for the purchase of oranges is signifies as achievement in a love relationship.

Dream meaning Celebrity Dream meaning Celebrity

To observe a popular celebrity in your dreams signify your admirations to the skills and qualities that person acquire. The field in which that person has acquired fame is alluring you and you have some connection with that field or the particular skills. These dreams signify that you are allured with the fame and money involved in that area and hence you get such dreams as you spire to be one in real life.

Dream meaning Monkey Dream meaning Monkey

Appearance of this naughty animal in your dreams is considered as the most mystic of its kind as it denotes both intelligent and immature sides of your personality. Your activities with monkey such as feeding, hanging and others imply meaning inclines to negative shade of the creature. They are also representatives of fun loving side of your nature and signify that you want to live life in 'happy go lucky' kind with no tensions and worries.

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